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Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Guang Lin Wang
Abstract: It shows the measure principal of spring tube stiffness, analyzes the act of clamp rod in stiffness measurement of spring tube. Clamp rod is optimized to elevate measurement precision, a optimized clamp rod is showed. Much test is carried out with the former and the optimization respectively, the result shows that the stiffness measurement is improved and the design is satisfied through optimizing the clamp rod.
Authors: Jian Xin Yang, Dong Xiang Shao, Ru Lin, Guang Lin Wang
Abstract: According to stiffness measurement of feedback rod and spring tube in electro-hydraulic servo valve, this paper proposed the measured piece displacement method based on CCD image sensors. On this basis, developing a stiffness measurement instrument based on CCD and giving the overall program design. Because ambient noise affect the image quality seriously, reduce measurement accuracy, image pre-processing is the core of software systems. The system can achieve automatic loading, measure, evaluate and output the result. This article select three types measured piece to experiment and calculation, then, calculate and analysis of experimental data.
Authors: Shao Kui Yang, Long Wang, Yue Xin Ma
Abstract: This document introduces tentative designs of the cold extruding of thin wall ultra-deep blind hole about 7A04 recoil spring tube, its technical process and experimental result and analyses the existed problems and the reasons. These experimental studies have reference value for taking cold extrusion shape of 7A04 and ultra-deep hole.
Authors: Yun Feng Li, Zheng Hua Ma, Guang Lin Wang
Abstract: Contact deformation experiments in stiffness measurement of spring tubes are studied in this paper. Firstly, Herzian catact theory, Person method and one numerical method are proposed to solve the contact problem based on the character of the contact in spring tube stiffness measurement. Secondly, the normalized pressure profiles and the relationship between non-dimensionalized contact pressure and contact angle are taken to study three contact theories. Lastly, it’s proved by some error compensation experiments that Persson method and the Numerical method are more conformable to solve closely conformal problem.
Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Guang Lin Wang, Ze Sheng Lu
Abstract: This paper presents the measurement of hanging weight method and two-point measureing method to the elastic component spring-tubes stiffness’ measurement, and analyzes the principle of the two measuring methods mentioned above. It simplifies the transforming zone to the structure of cantilever beam. It deduces the stiffness relation, which is from the two measuring methods. At the same time it modifies the transforming formula through experiment.
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