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Authors: Li Li Wang, Yu Jie Liu, Tong Tong Xie
Abstract: As to the BSP model assembly line balancing problem, an integration to random distribution about the field data in statistical software of SPSS, is made in the paper with software of eM-Plant, a model and simulate to the production line is built to discover the bottleneck of the production line and the unbalance problem of line fast and accurately. The optimization design and simulation analysis and evaluation can be achieved to optimization goal and shorten the optimization time.
Authors: Zi Heng He, Yi Dan Sun
Abstract: In this essay, we analyze possible influencing factors which relate to population agingusing SPSS.In accord with the multivariable linear regression model, we conclude that the health expenditure of government and society along with population density have a significant correlation with population aging. Moreover, according to Principal Component Analysis (PCA), the result indicates that such factors as per capita GDP, citizen consumption and so forth have a prominent influence on population aging, and also analyze different influencing degrees of different factors during different periods.
Authors: Dan He, Wen Chao Li
Abstract: The article set up an indicator system of industrial structure optimization which bringing resource-conserving and environment-friendly indexes into the system, evaluated the industrial structure optimization level of 30 provinces in China. The result shows that the level of industrial structure has a high coefficient with the development of economics, and it declines along the eastern area, the middle, the western area gradually. The level also depends on the coordinate development of resources& environment production efficiency, relevant supporting industries, industrial innovation ability, and industrial correlation degree.
Authors: Di Liang, Fen Kong, Dan Dan Xu, Gui Zhi Sun
Abstract: In order to improve the mechanical machining enterprise work efficiency, reduce the cost of enterprise, the process of enterprise existence of similar parts processing by cluster was analysized, using K-means clustering algorithm and the statistical analysis software SPSS with K means clustering analysis function, which grouped the machine tool matrix, and then realized the unit manufacturing.
Authors: Wen Jie Zeng, Ching Shang Cheng, Syu Huei Huang, Chin Fu Lin, Pao Chi Chen
Abstract: This article is the study of the professional competence of employees required in the wind energy industry in Taiwan. This will combine a number of research methods, including literature review, Delphi method, IPA analysis to explore the professional capacity of wind power generation projects and connotation of the wind energy industry needs. This paper analyzes the results used as indicators to construct the wind power industry professional, and will be used as the design of the wind power industry practitioners professional competence course. The importance of part of the questionnaire using Likert five-point evaluation index scale [11], divided into very unimportant, unimportant, important, very important, very important to the five levels. The performance of part of the questionnaire, divided into strongly disagree, disagree, agree, agree very much, very much agree with five levels. In this study, the questionnaire survey sent to a written questionnaire of 30 valid questionnaires were collected 27, the effective response rate of 90%. The 39 professional competence items, five items on the C quadrant (the importance of less than 4.0), the remaining 34 (87%) are on the C quadrant (the importance of greater than 4.0). Which is located five professional capacity (13%) in the C quadrant items are green beliefs, it means that domestic subject to government to actively promote the concept of green sustainable.
Authors: Qiu Ling Lang, Guang Jie Li, Jing Li Huang
Abstract: This article establishes analysis model based on Multiple Nonlinear Regression and analyses the model using SPSS. Then eight indexes such as storage of Material sources are selected as independent variable, and make an empirical analysis by survey data of 40 debris flow valleys. Finally, the test results show that both the importance analysis of the impact factors of debris flow and the rank deviation of risk assessment are right. Moreover, using multiple nonlinear Regression model and SPSS to assess the risk of debris flow is proved feasible.
Authors: Hai Bin Sun, Ting Ting Liu
Abstract: Theoretical mechanics education played an important role in developing undergraduates’ knowledge and ability. Test is a main method to measure undergraduates’ theoretical mechanics learning outcomes. Test analysis mainly consists of score analysis and test quality. When judging the quality of a test, item difficulty, item discrimination, reliability and validity should be calculated and analyzed. The test paper of theoretical mechanics was analyzed by SPSS for Windows. The statistic results demonstrated that students have good learning outcomes and the test paper has good quality.
Authors: Jun Liang Liu, Xu Chen, Tie Jian Zhang
Abstract: Based on the traditional time series methods, this paper researched a time series-exponential smoothing model that is built by SPSS statistical analysis software. In the application of the model, the original data of water consumption were in processed by a particular smoothing method first.Secondly, the processed data were used to build a time series-exponential smoothing model. On error test, we found that this forecasting model has advantages of better effect, high precision and minor error on urban water demand forecasing.
Authors: Li Ying Cao, He Long Yu, Li Ma, Gui Fen Chen, Ting Ting Yang
Abstract: Variance analysis is a method commonly used in biological statistics. How to use the statistical analysis software for the analysis of variance to achieve the results of the rapid and scientific treatment, to obtain the correct conclusion, is an important part of agricultural research. This paper introduces how to use SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science or Statistic Products andService Solution) data analysis tool for the variance analysis method; the data analysis and processing of fast, accurate and intuitive; compared with Excel, the statistical analysis function of SPSS is more powerful, can help to improve the efficiency of data processing, but also reduce the experimental cost.
Authors: Jian Ping Chen, Chang Hao Xia, Zhi Peng Tian
Abstract: In the study of power load forecasting, the factors influencing power load have data redundancy and data nonlinearity. The traditional load forecasting methods can’t eliminate redundant or nonlinear law between data, which result in reduced accuracy. In order to improve the predictive accuracy of power load, a prediction model based on BP neural network and SPSS (SPSS-BP) is established. The paper first analyzes the correlation and principal component of influence factors of electric power load, which eliminates the redundancy between various factors, accelerates the speed of BP neural network forecasting and improves predictive accuracy; then model the processed data and forecast through the BP neural network model. One-month weather data and load data of Yichang city have been confirmatory tested and analyzed through application of SPSS-BP model. The results show that SPSS-BP model significantly improves the accuracy, verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the model.
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