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Authors: Yan Bo Feng, Tao Sun
Abstract: In recent years, wire sawing is considered to be a potentially better technology of slicing brittle crystals especially semiconductor, owing to the unmatched advantages of slicing large ingot into thin wafers with high efficiency, fine quality and less kerf loss. This paper analyses the dynamic effect on wire from a variety of excitation and mechanical structure in the process of cutting on the basis of the effects of vibration on slicing wafer quality. A suitable model is built according to Hamilton principle, closed form expressions is present for the steady state response using finite element method. The relation between inherent characteristics of wiresaw and different system parameters is obtained.
Authors: Yan Bo Feng, Tao Sun
Abstract: Multi wire saw is the important basis of integrate circuit, optoelectronic, photovoltaic industry, and it becomes a promising technology for semiconductor wafer production because of its advantage of slicing large ingot into thin wafers with high efficiency and good quality. In the process of moving, the inevitable wiresaw vibration is directly related to the whole process with both benefit and harm. This paper analyses the wire vibration behavior in cutting area, the dynamic model is built by modeling the interaction between the dynamics of wire and hydrodynamic characteristics of slurry flow, available modal analysis provides closed form expressions for the steady state response, obtain the vibration of wire subject to different process parameters on wire saw manufacturing process.
Authors: Shang Jun Ma, Geng Liu, Zhong Hong Bu
Abstract: A torsional and translational vibration dynamics model for serial herringbone planetary gear train, which considers the effects of the time-varying errors and meshing stiffness as well as elastic coupling between two stage trains at the same time, was established by using lumped mass method. Time domain dynamic load excitation which derived from dynamics equation is taken as the input of steady-state response solution. The steady-state response of gear structure was solved with mode superposition method combined with external judgment program. The effects of rim thickness for thin wall herringbone planetary gear and single-stage internal gear were also analyzed. Through the comparison, the displacement and stress results of key locations on structure have reached the satisfying and disirable values when the rim thickness of planetary gear is greater than 4.0 mn and rim thickness of internal gear greater than 6.5 mn.
Authors: Min Jie Wen, Zi Ping Su, Hui Tuan He
Abstract: Coupled harmonic vibration of viscoelastic soil and fractional derivative type lining system with a deeply buried circular tunnel is investigated in the frequency domain. Based on theory of elastic and fractional derivative, steady state response of the viscoelastic soil and lining system is studied. Regarding the lining as a medium with fractional derivative constitutive behavior, and the analytical expressins of the displacement and stress of the soil and lining are respectively obtained by the continuity conditions on the inner boundary of lining and the interface between the soil and the lining. The order of fractional derivative model has a greater influence on system dynamic response, and it dependent on the material parameters of lining. With the frequency increasing, the resonance effects of system decrease.
Authors: Zheng Bing Lv, Hai Peng Yang
Abstract: The effect of the antiroll-bar on the automobile steady response is analyzed through the theory of automobile steady response. And a model of a whole vehicle is established utilizing ADAMS/Car, then a dynamical equivalent of the stabilizer bar is built by modifying the spring stiffness of suspension, and a simulation test, which is called constant radius cornering, is executed. The test result shows that the stabilizer bar can prove the automobile steady response and thus betters the automobile handling stability, and that the ADAMS software has the ability of executing accurate simulation test.
Authors: Lin Chao Liu, Lie Yu, Huan Xin Yu
Abstract: Many materials show viscoelastic properties under long term load, because of the complexity of viscoelastic problem, it is not enough for describing the characteristics of material and structure with classic viscoelastic model. The stress-strain constitutive relationship is described by fractional derivative viscoelastic model, the radial displacement and stress of thick-walled cylinder under internal pressure are obtained by using Fourier transform and the properties of fractional derivative, and we also investigated the steady state response of compressible fractional derivative viscoelastic thick-walled cylinder.
Authors: Tomas Skulavik, Peter Schreiber, Oliver Moravčik
Abstract: Micromirrors fabricated by MEMS technology may be important sensing components in optical tracking systems used in many industrial applications. This paper deals with the analytical model of a 2-D gimbal mounted micromirror and with the simulation of a steady state response of the micromirror in Simulink. The model of a 2-D micromirror should be further used in a simulation of its dynamical behavior.
Authors: Lian Wan Zhang, Zhong Jun Yin, Xin Sun, Zhi Chao Tang
Abstract: This paper is based on the scientific modeling of large-scale elliptical vibrating screen which is widely used in many fields. Through the tool of harmonic analysis in ANSYS, the dynamic stress responses during steady state and transient process are studied. The results confirmed that the existing structure can fulfill the requirement of dynamic stress level. Another contribution of this paper is to provide a new idea to analyze the transient process response, especially when the motor data are not sure.
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