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Authors: Hai Peng Zhang, Xin Gang Chen, Chen Yang Ao
Abstract: In order to enhancement the stealth capability of ship electric fields, the similar characters of ship electric and magnetic fields produce mechanism were studied. The similar effect characters to battle effectiveness of ship electric and magnetic fields were analyzed. The communicate theory of ship electric and magnetic fields were researched. The similar characters of analytical methods and stealth technology strategy of ship electric and magnetic fields were discussed. It is shown that the stealth technology between ship electric and magnetic fields is similar and the research can be developed by the same methods and the same experimentation.
Authors: Ying Jia, Ruo Meng Hou, Hong Ning Tian, Hou Sui Zhao, Hu Xu
Abstract: Two different types of carbon-based composites are made, to measure their electromagnetic parameters through experiments, which are applied to the construction of high impedance surface electromagnetic band gap absorbing structure. Then, through the application of electromagnetic simulation software HFSSv.11 the reflection coefficients of the models are measured as the electromagnetic frequency changes. The research shows that the application of carbon-based composites can improve the EBG absorbing structure, thus having such functions as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and high tensile strength. Therefore, it is feasible to apply the carbon-based composite to the EBG absorbing structure to improve its performance.
Authors: Feng Chuan Shen, Xin Xing Feng, Tian Ma, Jian Chun Zhang, Hua Zhang, Peng Gang Gao
Abstract: A low-emissive pigment of Al/SiO2/Fe2O3/FeO/Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3/Cr2O3/Cr (MAS) was prepared by chemical deposition method. The camouflage characteristics of the coated fabric with paint mixed with MAS, binder and other auxiliary in the thermal infrared (IR 8~14 um) and the optical (0.38~1.2 um) region, was studied by emissivity tester, visible light camera and thermal infrared imager. The results show that the MAS pigment has low emissivity and optical camouflage effectiveness compared with the Al/SiO2 pigment. Particularly, the MAS pigment is in green by depositing metal oxide, ferrocyanide and pure metal on the surface of Al/SiO2. The optical reflectance spectrum of coated fabric was similar to the natural grass. Furthermore, the surface emissivity of the coated fabric reached 0.51 in the IR region. The thermography of the coated fabric with 4 wt% MAS was similar to the natural grass. It can conclude that the coated fabric can perfectly imitate grass background.
Authors: Yan Jun Liu, Xing Wang Sun, Yu Li, Ji Bin Liu
Abstract: With the development of high technology war. Bionic autonomous underwater vehicle has become a popular issue these years, To Achieve better concealment, the stealth technology is the most difficult problem that must be solved. This paper briefly introduces the principle methods to keep the AUV quiet and difficult to be found, the advantages and disadvantages of all these extraction methods were analyzed. The stealth technology of underwater vehicle refers to the means that make the enemy’s sonar can’t detect their own location or shorten the distance, mainly including two aspects: noise control and acoustic antagonism. Finally, the development tendency of Bionic AUV stealth technology is provided.
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