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Authors: Xiang Rong Chen, Yuan Yuan Jiang, Zhi Yun Zhao
Abstract: As the thin-walled structure,the buckling of steel silos is very sensitive to the initial geometric imperfections. However, these imperfections are uncertain to the shape and amplitude, so the studies of the initial geometric imperfections have important practical significance. Over the years, the circumferential imperfections have been known to result in the most important influence on the buckling of steel silos, which is also the most common defect in practical engineering. Using the existing research results, this paper analyzes three different imperfection shape functions and compare to the result of experiment in order to identify a function for the finite element analysis.
Authors: Heng Yun Si, Zhen Hua Liu, Hong Wei Guo, Tao Wang
Abstract: Steel silos lack of systematic theoretical research. Based on a large floor-ash steel silo, for example, in view of a large number of documents based on the relevant specifications, the temperature load of steel silo effect is analyzed. The results show that: for those steel silos which are constructed in a larger temperature difference between regions, warehouse wall stress induced by the temperature load can not be ignored; at the bottom of the storehouse, the hoop stress, vertical stress load vary linearly with temperature, therefore, when the temperature difference is large, the temperature stress at the bottom of the warehouse is much larger than the warehouse wall stress induced by the storing load; the temperature stress at the bottom of the steel silos changes in shape of a parabola according to the silo diameter and the warehouse wall thickness. Therefore, in a certain range, reducing the diameter of the silo but increasing the thickness of the steel silo warehouse is harmful to the steel cylinder.
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