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Authors: Guang Yan Zhao, Yu Feng Sun, Gang Zhao
Abstract: Storage performance attribute parameter is a direct reflection of performance deterioration during storage process of missile-borne product, and is a key index for determination of missile storage period and storage reliability. Under the circumstance that it is difficult to deduce performance parameter directly from storage failure mechanism at present, starting with product function signal, this article combines fault mode mechanism effect analysis and function signal relevancy modeling analysis by using expert experience, so as to determine storage performance attribute parameter of product. Finally, a typical amplification circuit is used for application verification of above mentioned methods.
Authors: Rui Chun Hou, Xi Wang, Xiao Ying Wang
Abstract: With the rapid development of information technology, all kinds of smart home appliance has appeared. Smart refrigerator is one of them. In this paper, a food management system for smart refrigerator is proposed, which is based on the Internet of Things. This management system could collect the food information in the fridge and analyze the user's preferences. Shopping list and recommended recipes could be generated and sent to user. It provides users with a more personalized service, improve the user experience.
Authors: Zhi Xia Zhang, Yan Weng, Jun Meng, Wen Fu Chen, Ji Ping Gao
Abstract: Using configuration software MCGS7.2 to achieve biochar production device monitoring, real-time data display, historical data query and store data dump. The interface of human machine interface is used to choose the monitoring function, it makes the operation of the monitoring system be more centralized. There are many features, such as stable performance, low cost and simple operation in system, which can bring great convenience to biochar production device monitoring.
Authors: Fang Hou, Cheng Hui Huang, Ji Yuan Lu
Abstract: Multi-dimensional applications use tree structure to store data and space filling curves to traverse data. Most frequently used Quad-tree and Z-ordering curve are analyzed. By importing these to a HDF5 file format, a multi-dimensional data storage subsystem is constructed. Performance test results show in a sequential reading application environment, this method is feasible and efficient.
Authors: Xiao Ping Bai, Lin Lou
Abstract: The materials transportation system with storage bin is widely used in mines, power plants, material yards, and etc. Bin capacity size has great influence on reliability and production efficiency of whole materials transportation system. By utilizing some existing outcomes, this paper presents a new reliability and cost-benefit integrated optimization model about storage bin capacity in materials transportation system. Compared with some existed references, this presented model fully considers different influences of storage bin capacity on reliability and production efficiency of whole materials transportation system and realizes reliability, cost and benefit overall optimization decision. All kind of factors affecting designed storage bin capacity can be easily gotten by the presented model. In addition this paper also presents a set of detailed reliability and cost-benefit integrated optimization formulas about storage bin capacity in materials transportation system. These can offer the reference for capacity decision design computing of storage bin in materials transportation system.
Authors: Yao Hu Lin, Xue Lian Lin
Abstract: As the information age is coming, there is a vast amount of information available in the Internet. Most of data on Web are unstructured. But the significant data should be organized and stored in a suitable way for future purposes. One of the unsolved problems is the management of unstructured data. The unstructured data such as presentation, spreadsheet, text document, memo, images and web pages are difficult to manage while the data become a large scale and the users have different requirements and interests. In this paper, we proposed an architecture for unstructured data management by integrating source query, data collection and data management to solve these problems. The data collection layer extracts the data we care about, we use the existing tools to extract automatic and we can also add the data to the repository manually. The data management layer manage all the collection data by classifying the data, selecting nodes to store and managing centralized as index. The source query layer allows users to query and get the data diversity according the adaptive query service and recommendation service. Finally, we implemented a prototype system OCourse based on this system architecture to show its feasible and efficient.
Authors: A.R. Soman, G. Sundararaj
Abstract: Chlorine is highly toxic and an accidental release of chlorine has the potential to kill or cause injury to people. This kind of release may occur unexpectedly and cause huge loss. Hence, proper mitigation methods should be devised to tackle them effectively. In this study, an accidental release of liquid chlorine from the storage tank is considered and a new mitigation model for the effects of release is proposed. A provision to recover the leaked chlorine is also proposed in the mitigation system. This approach can be beneficial to understand the significant elements of mitigation system and serve as a reference to various emergency response and design practitioners.
Authors: Duan Cai Yuan, Guo Jin Tang, Yong Jun Lei, Shang Yang Meng
Abstract: The surface cracks are easy to occur in the solid missile motor grain. The solid missile motor grain with cracks is very dangerous when it is lunched, because the surface cracks might be propagation unstable when the internal pressure enters the surface cracks cavity. In order to analyze the surface crack of solid motor grain, with accelerated aging test, the variation law of mechanics properties of propellant in the storage period is obtained. Under internal pressure and axial acceleration loading, the three-dimension finite element models of the motor grain are established, three-dimension singular crack elements at the tips of surface cracks are established to simulate the cracks propagation. Along with the surface crack propagation, the stress intensity factors of the crack tips in different storage period are calculated to prejudge its stability respectively. The method and conclusions are available for using solid missile motor grain with surface cracks.
Authors: Tai Joo Chung, Kyung Sik Oh
Abstract: The cause of the degradation was analyzed by applying the highly humid conditions during the storage of cement composed of β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCPM). For the β-TCP and MCPM stored separately under the humid environment, the mild increase in the setting time was observed, and the product after the setting was entirely dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (CaHPO42H2O: DCPD). However, for the β-TCP and MCPM stored mixed under the same condition, the setting time significantly increased with the period of storage, and the product contained dicalcium phosphate (CaHPO4: DCP) as major phase, resulting in the loss of setting ability. The formation of DCP could be because of the weak driving force for setting, caused by a feeble supply of water from moisture. As the formation of DCPD requires stronger driving force to overcome the activation barrier, sufficient amount of water is essential. Humid environment during the storage decreased the driving force by the formation of DCP, and the driving force to produce DCPD was lost during the actual setting.
Authors: Phatchara Sriphrabu, Kanchana Sethanan, Somnuk Theerakulpisut
Abstract: This paper reports the results of a study to use the ant colony optimization (ACO) in solving an export container stacking and storage problem of a container terminal port. Three different methods of solutions based on different initial solution techniques and the current method used by the port were used to test forty sample problems which were classified into four problem types representing different patterns of container arrivals. The results of this study revealed that the three methods based on the ACO could be used to improve the total time taken for stacking and storage of the export containers for all problem types. Among the methods investigated, the heuristic-based ant colony optimization (BACO) method proved to be the most efficient for all problem types, with the relative improvements over the current method ranging from 25.4-38.7%.
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