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Authors: In Soo Kim, Dong Young Sung, Byung Hyun Park, Min Gu Lee
Abstract: Electrodeposited Ni films were produced by using four types of electrodeposition methods, direct current without additive (DC), direct current with additive (AD), square pulse without additive (SP) and square pulse with additive (AS). The <100> texture was obtained by using the DC method at about 20 °C and by using the AD and the AS methods at about 80°C. The <110> texture was obtained by using the DC and the SP methods at about 80 °C. When using the AS method, the surface roughness of Ni deposit was lower than that of Ni deposits after using the other electrodepositon methods and the microstructure of Ni deposits showed nanocrystalline grain size. The <100> textures of Ni deposits using the DC and the AS methods remained unchanged after the recrystallization process. The <110> texture of Ni deposits using the SP method at about 80 °C changed to < 3 1 0> orientation after the recrystallization process.
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