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Authors: T. Walther, Colin J. Humphreys, A.G. Cullis, D.J. Robbins
Authors: M. Grün, Michael Hetterich, C. Klingshirn, A. Rosenauer, W. Gebhardt
Authors: A. Fischer, G. Kissinger, Hans Richter, P. Zaumseil
Authors: Alexander I. Tovstolytkin, Taras I. Polek, Alexander I. Matviyenko, Mykola I. Zakharenko, Mykhailo P. Semen'ko, Alexey V. Pashchenko
Abstract: Electric and magnetoresistive properties of La0.6Sr0.2Mn1.2O3 films deposited on SrTiO3 (001) and LaAlO3 (001) single crystalline substrates by magnetron sputtering have been studied. Characteristic features of the evolution of resistivity, magnetoresistance and Curie temperature upon the decrease of film thickness from 500 to 2 nm are specified. A key role of a thin strained layer adjacent to the substrate is demonstrated. The critical thicknesses of the strained layer are calculated for the films deposited on different substrates
Authors: Erich Kasper
Abstract: Heterostructure device concepts promise several advantages in micro- and optoelectronics. From the material point of view, the main obstacle to be overcome is the large lattice mismatch of silicon based heterostructures. One of the best of them, silicon germanium (SiGe) is lattice mismatched to silicon by up to 4% depending on its Ge content. Basic investigations on strained layer growth, interface properties, and deviation from equilibrium are done with SiGe / Si heterostructures. Early results are discussed in context with our recent understanding. The application focus of this review is devoted to micro- and optoelectronic devices which could be fabricated after solving or understanding the basic interface problems. This includes devices already in production, and those in emerging fields for inclusion in the next generation of integrated circuits, as well as a selection of future device concepts with high merits to be proven in experiment.
Authors: G. Hendorfer, W. Jantsch, W. Helzel, J.H. Li, Zbysław Wilamowski, T. Widmer, D. Schikora, K. Lischka
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