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Authors: Gabriele Milani, Rafael Shehu, Marco Valente
Abstract: This paper presents some preliminary results of seismic analyses performed on a masonry church located in Emilia-Romagna (Italy). The church suffered damage during the seismic events occurred in 2012 and some seismic upgrading interventions by means of Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) are proposed. The behavior of the church is investigated under horizontal loads simulating a seismic action defined in accordance with Italian Code indications. The preliminary results of the numerical analyses performed on the church in the unretrofitted configuration put in evidence both the insufficient strength of some structural elements when subjected to lateral loads and a typical failure mode of the façade. Two seismic upgrading interventions with FRP composites are simulated in order to increase the seismic performance of the church. Such interventions are carried out according to the provisions of Italian Code for FRP strengthening of existing structures. Numerical results show that a proper seismic upgrading intervention by means of FRP composites is effective to improve the seismic performance of the church.
Authors: Bin Xie, Bin Jia, Ru Heng Wang
Abstract: The strengthening technique for the aged RC beam was introduced in this paper. A series of measures were utilized to increase the bond strength between CFRP and aged RC beam. The results of experiment indicate that ultimate bearing capacity of the strengthened RC beam increased almost 46%.
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