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Authors: Tie Li Ye, Lu Ling An, Li Gao, Qing Liang Zeng
Abstract: Constraint-based model reconstruction is one of the key research problems in recent reverse engineering. Surfaces of structural parts are mostly quadratic and have mutual constraints. Aiming at this feature, the paper proposes a method for conducting constraint-based synchronous fitting on multiple surfaces. Synchronous fitting is carried out through constraint optimization method, the constraints among surfaces can be maintained and the original design intents incarnated.
Authors: Li Yang Xie, Jae Ung Cho, Wen Qiang Lin
Abstract: With structural reliability assessment as the scenario, a structural part made of foam material was treated as a series k-out-of-n system. The strength random variable of a large-size part was characterized by the strength random variables of virtual elements with certain size, as well as the number of the elements determined by part size. Specially, the statistical dependence among element failures was expounded with respect to the virtual elements. A series k-out-of-n system failure probability model was presented, and the failure probability of a structural part of foam material was described in terms of the size parameters of the part in two dimensions: the number of elements in width direction and that in length direction. It was shown that strong dependence among element failures exists, the failure probability of a large-size part will approaches to an upper bound with the increase in part length.
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