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Authors: Jun Yang, Xu Shi Lu, Jia Fan Zhang, Hua Jiang Ouyang
Abstract: A necessary and sufficient condition is proposed for the incremental mass and stiffness matrices that modify some eigenpairs while keeping other eigenpairs unchanged, which requires the knowledge of only the few eigenpairs to be modified of the original undamped vibration system. The application prospects are proposed based on this formulation.
Authors: Wei Xiao Tang, Xing Ai, H.Y. Wu, Song Zhang, H. Jiang
Abstract: Due to the complexity of high-speed milling process by high relative speed and interrupted cutting, the face milling cutters possess the multi-order modes and the vibrating displacements of the cutting edges under each modes affect adversely both the surface roughness and the life of machine/tool system worse than other structures. In order to improve the stability of milling process, this work focuses on the influence of the variables such as structure geometries and constraint conditions on the eigenfrequencies and modeshapes of cutter. As an example, the dynamic characteristics of several face cutters are analyzed and optimized by structural dynamic modification (SDM) techniques.
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