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Authors: Yun Qing Gu, Qiang Wang, Qiang Liu, Yao Lin Sun, Tian Xing Fan, Deng Hao Wu
Abstract: Vortex pump is a kind of non-clogging pump, which will cause a large amount of vortex during transportation. Four kinds of mathematical model of vortex pump are introduced with continuous improvement. Moreover, the internal flow state, calculation and design method are also presented. In addition, the influent of slurry and structure parameters is introduced. After analyzed above, the design method of vortex pump can be further investigated specific to different concentration, viscosity and particle sizes under different specific speed. The focus of future research is testing internal flow by the advanced technology, building up a new flow model and proposing complete and practical calculation method.
Authors: You Qing Jiang, Yun Bo Zhang, Zhi Yong Lin, Jun Chen, Ming Ming Yu
Abstract: Block copolymer consists of two and more than two of different polymer links. Epoxy terminated polydtyrene (Ps-ep) active polymer was used to polymerize polystyrene (Pst)-polyethylene oxide (Peo) block copolymer P (st-b-eo). There were the mixtures of (Ps-ep), (Pst), (Peo) and P (st-b-eo) in the polymerization. It is necessary to separate (Ps-ep), (Pst), (Peo) and P (st-b-eo) in the mixtures in order to determine structure parameters of P (st-b-eo) block copolymers. We can know for certain their types of ABA, BAB and AB of polystyrene (A)-Polyethylene oxides (B) block copolymers with analysis of gel permeation chromatography (GPC).
Authors: Xiao Lian Lü, Zhi Chao Hu, Bao Liang Peng
Abstract: Picking peanuts is the key operational link and the core technology of peanut combine harvester. On the basis the theoretical analysis of picking mechanism and structural parameters of the half-feed picking roller, and combined with the picking performance experimental, the structural parameters of the picking blades and blades quantity of picking roller were studied. The results show that: when the straight-shaped blade is picking, the picking force is strong, the broken branch and seedling phenomenon is serious, peanut broken rate and peanut with handle rate are higher; the arc-shaped blade reduced peanut damage, and effectively reduced the rate of the peanut with handle. The picking blade radian has a large impact to the peanut broken and loss rate. When the blade radian is 70° and the blade radius is 35mm, total loss rate is the lowest on the picking segment of the blade. The blade quantity has significant influence to the peanut broken and loss rate. The peanut broken rate of the 8 blades is 2 to 3 times of the 4 and 6 blades; the picking net rate of the 4 blades is much lower than 6 and 8 blades. The self-design the picking roller is 6 arc-shaped blades, the blade radius is 35mm, and the blade radian is 70°. The study provides the design basis for the research and development of the half-feed peanut picking device.
Authors: Xiao An Chen, Yuan Yuan Zhang, Gui Tao Hu, Qing Na Zeng, Hong Liu, Jing Zhong Fang
Abstract: The influence of structure parameters on mechanical properties of honeycomb sandwich mirror was investigated. Gibson hexagon equivalent theory, sandwich plate theory and Hoff theory were modified based on the theoretical analysis. The results were shown that structure parameters had non-linear influence on dimensionless structure tensile specific stiffness, shearing specific stiffness and bending stiffness in different direction while the honeycomb core was equivalent as solid material with modified material properties. The honeycomb mirror and equivalent model was modeled by using finite element method. The root mean square (RMS) and peak-to-valley (PV) values of mirror surface were determined under gravity with the optical axis pointed to the zenith. Compared with the actual modeling data, the relative error of equivalent results was less than 5%. And the optimal structure parameter range was obtained by these analyses.
Authors: Bing Yan Cui, Li Wen Chen
Abstract: This paper proposed a novel bionic walking leg which has three branches of 6-DOF, using 3-UPS parallel mechanism as the prototype, it has good advantage of compact structure and strong bearing capacity. Kinematics research of mechanism is very important, the dynamic analysis and the design are based on kinematics analysis. And the kinematics performance of the bionic walking leg is analyzed and the structure parameters are optimized. First, the kinematics transmission equation of the bionic walking leg is established, and using the norm theory the kinematics performance evaluation indexes are defined, and kinematics characteristics are analyzed. Then, application space model theory the structure parameters of the bionic walking leg are designed, and using of the Monte Carlo parameters selecting method based on the global kinematics performance atlas, the optimal structural parameters are given. Analysis results show that kinematics transmission performance indexes display the symmetric distribution of the bionic walking leg, the static platform radius is 120mm, moving platform radius is 50mm, and the height of the static platform and moving platform initial posture is 700mm. Finally, using the optimal structural size parameters, the virtual prototype of the bionic walking leg is designed. So,it has very important significances of theory and engineering to study and open out parallel mechanisms as the leg mechanisms of bionic walking legs.
Authors: Jian Ning Wang, Gang Wu, Wei Yi Xie, Xin De Han, Ming Chao Gang
Abstract: Abstract: The packer rubber stress in the bottom hole is more complex. Based on constitutive model of the packer rubber material, this paper determines such parameters as model constants, Poisson's ratio of rubber materials and elastic modulus by using experimental method, to build up the finite element model of center tube-rubber cylinder-casing for the purpose of stress analysis. Finally, the distribution regularity of rubber cylinder-casing contact stress and packer setting travel distance with varying loads is concluded. The results can provide the theoretical basis for further analysis of packer rubber sealing performance.
Authors: Bing Yan Cui, Li Wen Chen, Zhi Jun Wang, Yuan Hao Zhao, Li Zhan Xian, Zhen Lin Jin
Abstract: The hip joint is one of the body's important joints, most of the lower limb activities of the human body are inseparable from the hip joint, a novel bionic robot hip joint was proposed based on 3-DOF spherical parallel mechanism. The statics performance of the bionic robot hip joint was analyzed, and the structure parameters were designed. First, the static transmission equation of the bionic robot hip joint was established using the principle of virtual works, which simplifies the calculation process of the bionic robot hip joint. Further, using the norm in Matrix theory, the force Jacobian matrix was introduced into the statics performance evaluation index, and the statics performance evaluation index and the global torque performance evaluation index was defined, and the performance atlas of the statics performance evaluation index was plotted at the workspace of the bionic robot hip joint. Moreover the objective optimal function was established basing on the global torque performance evaluation index, and the relation of the objective optimal function and the global torque performance evaluation index were analyzed. By use of fully automatic searching method, the optimal structural parameter ranges of the bionic robot hip joint were obtained. Analysis results show that the bionic robot hip joint has good static transmission performance at initial position, and the static transmission performance is decreased with increasing the workspace. Finally, using a set of optimal structural sizes parameters, a novel bionic robot hip joint was designed, which established the theoretical foundation for the bionic robot design and apply.
Authors: Ye Tian, Zhi Hui Sun, Li Zhang
Abstract: A way of using flexible spiral blade as the executive part for spiral transportion was proposed, the mathematical model of its transportation resistance torque was set up, and the impact of structure parameter of flexible spiral blades on transportation power was analyzed. A experiment set-up was rigged, and tests were made to verify the theoretical model. The results of the experiment are in good agreement with the theoretical analysis. The research has enlightened the the parameter design of flexible spiral blades
Authors: Li Wen Chen, Bing Yan Cui
Abstract: The structure parameters of the robot directly affects its workspace, in order to get the relationship between the structure parameters of the robot and the size of workspace, an evaluation standards of the size of workspace is presented based on the mechanism of the center height. This paper proposes an novel 2URS&UPS parallel robot, it has Six degree of freedom. By using the sphere coordinate searching method, through the MTLAB programming calculated the influence of structural parameters on the workspace. Analysis results show that the parallel robot has the maximum workspace, when the static platform radius is 140mm and the moving platform radius is 120 mm, the rod length is 160mm. The study showed the parallel robot has advantage of a large workspace and symmetry. The parallel robot can be used for walking leg, mechanism arm, etc. The paper provide a theoretical basis for design of the parallel robot.
Authors: Yan Qing An, Wei Hui Liu, Qiang Yang
Abstract: Because the airport road surface is directly under the aircraft repeated taking off and landing, the airport road surface should have a good overall structure, high strength, good performance of anti overload fatigue. Under the long action of aircraft, road surface has been damaged. coupled with rising large wide body aircraft and air traffic, airport of old pavement disease gradually increased, the use of a sharp decline in performance, airport pavement performance directly affects the safty of the plane running. Through the research of the capital airport runway to central structure parameters, pavement on the basis of the findings, the distribution of the pavement structure parameters variability is analyzed, and the pavement damage condition of objective evaluation; combined with the drilling core sample laboratory test data and aviation business volume data, scientifically on the pavement damage character analysis, and provides a reference for future similar engineering treatment.
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