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Authors: Xing Ming Wang, Zhong Bing Dong, Gui Jiang Liu, Jing Liang Mei, Jie Yao
Abstract: Samples of water were collected from the subsidence pools around the coal waste rock piles and some toxic trace elements were determined. The results conclused as the mean concentrations of As, Zn and Pb ranged from 4.71E-03 to 1.78E-02, 9.22E-03 to 2.13E-02, 1.69E-03 to 5.43E-03, respectively, which were lower than the first level of surface water environment quality standards established in China. The mean concentrations of Cd and Cu ranged from 3.30E-04 to 1.25E-03, 1.04E-02 to1.85E-02, respectively, which were within the range of the second level. As the HQs of As, Zn, Pb, Cd, Cu were less than 1, suggesting minimal noncarcinogenic risk to human health. Only As was evaluated with potential carcinogenic risks of 3.17E-04 and 2.02E-04 (>10-4) in the water of subsidence pools around Panyi and Guqiao coal waste rock piles via oral consumption, indicating that As had potential adverse effects on local residents in these two sites. This study is to investigate the contamination levels of trace elements and to estimate the risk to health effects in the water of the subsidence pools in Huainan.
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