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Authors: Mohd Zamri Hasan, Sazali Yaacob, Amran Ahmed, Shamshul Bahar Yaakob, Muhd Hafizi Idris, Md Azlin Md Said
Abstract: Attitude determination system (ADS) is a process to control the orientation of the satellite to make sure that the orientation is relative to inertial references frame such as Earth. ADS is consists of mathematical algorithm and sensor as a references measurement to determine attitude of satellite. Since RazakSAT in the orbit, the sensor such as sun sensor, magnetometer and gyroscopes are used to control angular rotation and prevent high spin rates that can damage the satellite. This paper presents the analysis on sensor of attitude determination system based on RazakSAT data. Matlab was used to analyze the X,Y and Z axis of the sensor to determine the condition of the satellite.
Authors: Fei Fan Chen, Jing Feng, Ming Hao Wang
Abstract: Sun sensor is one of the key attitude sensors widely used in spacecraft attitude determination. Its accuracy is one of the major technical specifications. In this paper, we propose two methods for accuracy test and evaluation, which have been proved to be efficient and convenient. With these two methods, it is possible to isolate and then, eliminate the rotational error from the rotation table that holds the sun sensor so that the performance of the sun sensor can be evaluated. The proposed two methods can be also applied to test the performance for other angle measuring devices.
Authors: Jing Liu, Xiao Gang Pan
Abstract: The method of satellite orbit determination on real time was proposed based on star sensor and sun sensor. According to the wireless net composed by star sensor and sun sensor, the kinematics orbit data of satellite will be generated. With the restriction of kinematics model, the parameters in dynamic model such as atmosphere index and sunlight radiation index could be estimated accurately with appropriate algorithm. For the non-linear characteristic of the dynamic model, the UKF estimator was put forward to restrain the interceptive error. The simulation experiment results shown that the method of satellite orbit determination based on UKF method and wireless net data system based on star sensor and sun sensor was excellent to adapt the complex space circumstance, and can generate high precise orbit.
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