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Authors: Wei Guo Qiao, Yan Xin Lv, Lie Chang Wei
Abstract: The auxiliary shaft ingate of Pengzhuang Coal Mine deformed greatly with large roof fallings. Through the analysis of destruction, the ingate reinforcement schema is put up according to the engineering consolidation experience and the advanced consolidation experience at home and abroad. On the completion of the ingate project, the surrounding rock mass is stable without apparent deformation. The two-side and roof deformations are 4mm and 5mm respectively according to the convergence deformation test, improving the integrity and bearing capacity of the shaft and pipelines effectively. Thus the deformation of the surrounding rock mass is under control, guaranteeing the long-term stability of the roadway.
Authors: Yue Shun He, Ping Du
Abstract: This paper presents an adaptive support for Boolean algorithm for mining association rules, the Algorithm does not require minimum support from outside, in the mining process of the algorithm will be based on user needs the minimum number of rules automatically adjust the scope of support to produce the specific number of rules, the algorithm number of rules for the user needs to generate the rules to a certain extent, reduce excavation time, avoid the artificial blindness specified minimum support. In addition, the core of the algorithm is using an efficient method of Boolean-type mining, using the logical OR, AND, and XOR operations to generate association rules, to avoided the candidate itemsets generated In the mining process, and only need to scan the database once, so the algorithm has a certain efficiency.
Authors: Natalya Litvyakova, Tatiana Bugrova, Grigory Mamontov
Abstract: The Al2O3/SiO2 materials prepared by impregnation of mesoporous silica with water solution of Al(NO3)3·9H2O were suggested to be used as supports for catalyst of high-temperature catalytic reactions. It was shown that the distribution of Al2O3 component inside wide pores of silica (10-50 nm) occurs with the formation of Al2O3 layer in case of low loading and porous layer or particles, if Al2O3 loading increases. Thus, materials with bimodal pore size distribution were obtained. The Cr-containing catalysts were prepared on the basis of these supports and tested in the process of isobutane dehydrogenation at 540 °C. It was observed that the activity of the obtained Cr/Al2O3/SiO2 materials was comparable with the one for Cr/Al2O3 catalyst. Thus, the suggested Al2O3/SiO2 materials with unique porous structure are promising to be used as supports for catalysts for high-temperature reactions.
Authors: Li Xin Yan, Ai Bing Jin
Abstract: By analyzing the stability factors and deformation characteristics of wall rock of dynamical pressure roadway in coal mine, the basic support form of dynamical pressure roadway was summarized. Combined with the geological conditions and the roadway damaged condition of two tape head chamber in ChengZhuang colliery No.2 area, the reinforcement approach was put forward, which adopting the composite grouting of cement and unsaturated polyester chemical pulp, then strengthened by prestressed grouting anchor. Comparing the supporting effect of prestressed grouted anchor with not grouted, it was obviously found that the effect is great improved. The strong deformation of dynamic pressure roadway can be solved effectively in this way.In recent years, with the development of mining technology and high-gas coal mining, the roadway layout that can meet the requirements of production and ventilation is increasingly complicated. The area of roadway increases as equipment have been expanding. The pressure has been apparently increasing because the thickness of mining and the height of caving face increase. The difficulty level of roadway support is also added since the surrounding rock condition become more and more complex [1-3].
Authors: Zhong Qing Xu, Yong Gang Ding, Luo Yao, Qiang Jun Li
Abstract: The soil nailing wall is a kind of technology for supporting and strengthening the in-situ soil. The nails are integrated with the soil around tightly, so that they can form into a type of composite soil, relying on the frictional force of contact surface. Based on the analysis of the constructional scheme of the national stadium, the key factors for controlling the quality of the construction were found. The quality system during the project should be managed strictly. And the diameter, length and strength of the anchorage ought to be executed exactly. This scheme provided reasons for the national stadium’s soil nailing wall’s safety and quality assurance.
Authors: Ruslan V. Sharapov, Nina D. Lodigina
Abstract: Now the most pressing and to end unresolved question is the determination of the design parameters for the base in the conditions of formation of karst deformations. Foundation calculations made on the basis of forecasting karst manifestations sizes and the likelihood of their formation at the base of the designed construction. In paper presented the grillage calculation scheme. We calculated the grillage with four bays for four cases: excluding karst collapse, taking into account the collapse of a single support, taking into account the collapse under two not adjacent supports and taking into account the collapse at two adjacent supports. In paper presents the diagrams of bending moments and shear forces.
Authors: Lin Cheng, Rui Wang, Xue Yang Zhang, Shu Mei Song, Ying Jiang, Vladimir Korchak
Abstract: Carbon nano tubes (CNTs) has found applications in many fields due to its enormous versatility, however, very few report has been given on its promotive effect as support on the adsorption of NOx with solid tungstophosphoric acid (H3PW12O40), and no results on the use of surface modified CNTs in this process can be found in literatures. In this study, we have conducted systematic works on this issue and found some relations between pre-treatment method of CNTs and NOx adsorption efficiency of H3PW12O40/CNTs, and the relations between differernt impregnating solvent used in loading process and NOx adsorption efficiency of H3PW12O40/CNTs, which may be very helpful to the development of new effective adsorbent/catalyst for the adsorption-conversion of NOx. The main conclusions derived are as follows: absolute ethyl alcohol was the superior solvent to water for HPW loading on CNTs; the resultant –OH containing CNTs shows better promotive effect on the adsorption of NOx than that containing –COOH when using absolute ethyl alcohol as solvent; in both cases, with the increase of H3PW12O40 loading, the NOx adsorption efficiency tends to reach a peak value close to that in the case of pure H3PW12O40, before dropping down; compared to pre-treated activated carbon fiber, modified CNTs, especially CNTs–OH, is favorable to be used as support of H3PW12O40 for effective adsorption and even further conversion of NOx.
Authors: Ran Bo Yao, An Ping Song, Xue Hai Ding, Ming Bo Li
Abstract: In the retail enterprises, it is an important problem to choose goods group through their sales record.We should consider not only the direct benefits of product, but also the benefits bring by the cross selling. On the base of the mutual promotion in cross selling, in this paper we propose a new method to generate the optimal selected model. Firstly we use Apriori algorithm to obtain the frequent item sets and analyses the association rules sets between products.And then we analyses the above results to generate the optimal products mixes and recommend relationship in cross selling. The experimental result shows the proposed method has some practical value to the decisions of cross selling.
Authors: Mirosław Siergiejczyk
Abstract: The paper discusses the key issue of decision-making support in the area of exploitation and maintenance of transport telematics equipment and systems. The scope of research studies in the decision-making processes in transport has been characterized. The decision-making processes model has been developed in exploitation of the transport telematics systems along with a description of its basic properties. The conclusion presents a general concept of the decision-making support system in the exploitation of transport telematics systems, its structure, capabilities, and the use of the proposed system.
Authors: Le Cao, Yan Yuan
Abstract: Focusing on the actual demands from the packaging laboratory on the incline impact testing machine and the characteristics of the incline impact, a new incline testing machine with flexible impact panel has been designed. It firstly introduces the overall project design for the instrument, then gives detailed introduction to the major parts such as the winch, impact incline, impact panel, car, support and so on from the following three aspects, namely the design idea, design approach and design result, finally illustrates the assembly and usage for all the parts of the instrument. As for t this instrument in this paper, first place the impact panel horizontally, then under the drag of the winch, the car will be lifted slowly at a constant speed and the impact panel will be lifted to be perpendicular to the incline by the hydraulic cylinder. The design for this instrument has a great significance in the experimental teaching for packaging engineering and related scientific researches.
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