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Authors: Wei Ling Zhang, Jian Fei Zhang, Zheng Li, Ji Xian Gong, Hui Ping Yang, Ke Ke Shang
Abstract: Biomodification of polyester film is a new field which can improve the surface property of material whithout environmental pollution and high energy consumption. Bacillus B-F which was isolated from waste water could biodegrade terephthalic acid. It was fermented and the broth was concentrated and used for surface process of polyester film. The modification lasted for 20 days. The surface property of the original and modified polyester film were tested. Contact angle examination showed that the hydrophilicity and surface free energy of the film was increased; XPS tests revealed the content of oxygen increased; FTIR showed that a small quantity of phenolic hydroxyl group appeared on the surface of the film; an oxygenase catalysed action might react at the surface of the film according to the degradation pathway of the simulacrum terephthalic acid.
Authors: Nan Ning Wei, Liu Shuai Su
Abstract: With the Alkaline-surfactant-polymer (ASP) flooding production processs developing, deposition and scaling problems are serious in ground watering and gathering system, pronounced at watering pipeline and heating furnace. So challenges must be faced with in oilfield development process, such as energy consumption increase, equipments and pipelines are damaged easily, and equipments service life shortens. The component of scale sample, which is took from ASP flooding area of Xingbei Oilfield in Daqing Oilfield, in surface watering system is investigated. The influence factors and regulation of scaling in watering system are studied by simulation experiments. It turned out that the scale sample is consists of silica scale, carbonate scale, corrosion scale and organic substance, and the silica scale is the main scale, which content is more than 45%. The watering temperature, flow rate and polymer concentration are main factors of influencing scaling in watering system. Under the conditions of ASP flooding normal production, the effect of polymer concentration is prominent.
Authors: D. Yamaki, S. Tanaka, M. Yamawaki
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