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Authors: Xiao Jun Lu
Abstract: Emerging industry has become a common choice of the multi-national facing financial crisis and achieving sustainable economic development. By summarizing and analizing the advanced experience of foreign emerging industries, we have learned successful experience for our country. As a refernce, the development of new emerging industries and policy making could be improved.
Authors: Yu Xian Ding, Ning Bo Ma, Yu Xin Ding
Abstract: Although energy saving building acts as an important part of sustainable development, our national building still consumes vast amounts of energy which tends to remain high. This absolutely goes against sustainable development. How to build an energy-saving building to achieve the harmonious development of our economy, society, environment and energy lies in the introduction of total cost management into construction project. This paper focuses on the discussion of the analysis on the relationship between energy-saving buildings and total cost management.
Authors: Hong Jiao Duan, Li Zhang
Abstract: In recent years, along with spiritual civilization and material civilization as well as the diversified development of design methods, people are urged to have higher demands on aesthetic standard, consumption concept, values and so on. Packaging design has therewith become protean, already broken through from simply protecting goods in the early days, into an extrinsic form of commodity competition. Material is the substantial carrier of packaging. No matter how novel the design originality is and how beautiful the design graph is, it must be realized relying on material. However, many companies or designers overemphasize on luxurious packaging. Not only do the raw materials cost high, they are also hard to recycle, which would eventually bring about influence to our living environment. Therefore, the application of green packaging material is of great urgency.
Authors: Yan Shuang She, Meng Gang Li, Jing Hua Sha
Abstract: The sustainable development of resource-based cities is a hot issue in China. This paper will focus on the industrial structure of sustainable development. There is close relationship between regional economic development and industrial structure transformation Capacity. Comparison research of cities’ regional industrial structure capacity will help to understand variation status and potential of regional industrial structures. With principal components analysis, this paper based on the regional industrial structure comparison theory, analyzed industrial structure transformation Capacity of 20 resource-based cities in China west. It will provide references for promoting optimization and upgrading of regional industrial structure, making regional industrial development strategy, improving environmental conditions, and enhancing local economic development.
Authors: Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi Ashnani, Anwar Johari, Haslenda Hashim, Elham Hasani
Abstract: Great deal of concerns have been aroused after the global surge of prices of petroleum along with shrinking resources of non-renewable fossil fuel and regarding the necessity of renewable energy sources as alternative fuel. Despite the many positive characteristics of biofuels, they cause a variety of environmental, economical, and social challenges that were not known to decision-makers by usual evaluation tools such as life cycle assessment (LCA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This paper aims to design a Decision Support System (DSS) which covers weakness of existing assessment tools, using Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) models. Furthermore, a sustainable framework for decision making through assessing and considering wider environmental, economic, and social issues pertinent to different steps of development of biofuel is developed.
Authors: Tanakorn Wongwuttanasatian, Denpong Soodphakdee, Narinporn Malasri, Kittichai Triratanasirichai
Abstract: Net Zero Energy Building (Net ZEB) concept has been applied to make a selected building as a self-energy provider. The building was partly modified to reduce its energy consumption using several energy efficient technologies such as wall material, insulator, VRF air condition unit, solar lighting, LED light bulbs, etc. While, electricity served into the building was generated by solar energy (PV panels). The monitored data over one year have proved that this build can generate the electricity more than its energy demand. This is a good achievement of Net ZEB in Thailand.
Authors: Qi Wang
Abstract: In recent years, green design has become a trend of modern design in regard to product, packaging and material which represents a totally new idea, that is, design is not only meant to decorate, beautify and perfect environment, it is supposed to take up the role of social responsibility and moral value. This paper explores the idea of green design and the approaches applied in modern design, suggesting that green design is not only a new way of product design, while it also meets the need of times and sustainable development.
Authors: You Pei Hu
Abstract: There is a close connection between urban forms and microclimates. Shaping an urban form with good climate performance is meaningful for sustainable development. However, there is a professional gap between the field of microclimate and urban form studies and the urban form design practice, which impedes the transformation of research achievements from the former to the latter and has an impact on the orientation of the research issues. This paper adopts a perspective of design-oriented formalism to construct a knowledge and research framework for the field. On the one hand, it presents the researches and knowledge in this field in a form that is easy to be understood by designers; on the other hand, it intends to reveal the design-oriented research path and issues.
Authors: Bao Qin Yu, Yue Zhang
Abstract: Green supply chain management is a method to reduce the ecological impact of the whole supply chain and make the most efficient use of resources. In this paper, the data mining (DM) technique is utilised to evaluate green degree in green supply chain. Then the process of the evaluation is given and a classification model of multivariate decision tree based on rough set is proposed. Finally, a simulation analysis is given to show the application of this method.
Authors: Jun Liu, Wei Xian Zhang
Abstract: Along with the development of society and the popularity of private cars, more and more parking lots are to be needed. Consequently, large sized parking lots will be built in many cities. But the traditional parking lots were paved by a large area of concrete. So much concrete will be bound to create heat pollution. Meanwhile, a large area of parking lot occupies mass openspace. The existing parking lots lead to a waste of resources. This paper introduces a new term of saving parking lot and presents some key principles that stem from a wide range of contributions. The newfashioned parking lot may also give rise to the sustainable development.
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