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Authors: Yong Ping Wu, Yong Ping Shan, Guo Lin Feng
Abstract: In this paper the variations and distributions of water vapor transportation and precipitation in typical arid region, Tarim River Basin (TRB), were analyzed and the relationship between them was discussed, using daily precipitation data of 26 weather stations in TRB and NCEP/NCAR monthly mean reanalysis data (2.5°×2.5°). The results show that a) the special distribution of precipitation and water vapor flux appear seasonal features, but is not consistent with each other for the multi-joint action of large-scale atmospheric circulation, topography around TRB, and b) the effects of water vapor flux on precipitation are different in sub-regions with different height and slop direction.
Authors: Chong Zhi Xu, Qing Li, Wu Xu Wang
Abstract: Populus euphratica Olive. as the skeleton of the desert riparian forest is a green barrier for protection oasis of the southern areas of Xinjiang. Degradation of P. euphratica forest is the concentrated expression of ecological vulnerability in the desert areas. In order to understand the residents cognition degree to the ecological value of P. euphratica forest and willingness to pay (WTP) for P. euphratica forest protection along the Tarim River Basin, The questionnaires and interview methods were used , the largest payment were estimated with contingent valuation method (CVM) and the main affecting factors were explored.The main conclusions showed that the residents income, education and cognition degree to the P. euphratica forest were significant impact on the maximum payment value; Different ecological environment, economic and social conditions along the Trim River Basin had a critical influence to payment options and the size of payment willingness for the residents; The maximum willingness to pay per capita of 53 groups, 13 groups, 34 groups amounted to 220.89 yuan / year, 499.08 yuan / year, 653.20 yuan / year, the per capita amount paid in descending order was 34 group > 13 group> 53 group.
Authors: Xue Mei Li, Xiao Lei Zhang, Hong Ru Du
Abstract: Analysis of characteristics of mineral resources industrial development in Tarim River Basin, and taking the Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture for example, from the contribution of the total amount and economic growth of mineral resources development, industrial development potential, the scale of employment, investment of fixed asset and resources tax analysis effect of economic of mineral resource development in Tarim River Basin. It find that economic effects of mineral resource development is also not fully played important role, in particular, the development potential of mineral resources industry declined, so the future mineral resources should be comprehensive and effective used, strengthening the deep processing of products and further extend the industrial chain.
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