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Authors: Yong Wang
Abstract: This article combines the Implementation of Personnel Training Sheme(2010 edition) worked out/ formulated by my college, especially the teaching reform and practical process of Inorganic Chemistry in the new teaching plan, with various teaching methods such as inquiry teaching, questionnaire teaching as well as many kinds of teaching means like animation, audiovisuals,pictures and models, and personnel training object and training result to talk about my personal attainment based ob my teaching experience and make positive suggestions.
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Abstract: With the development of teaching reform,some measures have been adopted to change the traditional teaching mode to improve learning efficiency of students. In fact, students are also required to learn autonomously by themselves with some methods. During the course of teaching reform, teachers and students are regarded as the main elements for teaching reform. But teaching materials are the connected elements for teachers and students. Due to the connection role, teachers and students can play their own roles effectively and independently. In the paper, the author tries her best to dig out effective measures to improve teaching materials reform, thus the author hopes to reflect teaching charming through teaching materials.
Authors: Huan Yun Wang, Li Jing Diao
Abstract: In the twenty-first Century, with the rapidly development of social economy, the society needs a large number of highly skilled talents, and higher vocational education must meet needs of the evolving society based on its peculiar talent training mode. This article discusses the talent training mode in terms of the professional structure adjustment in higher vocational colleges, the reform of teaching plan and content, practical teaching system construction, teacher training, school-enterprise cooperation, and put forward our own viewpoints.
Authors: Wang Cheng, Zhao Feng, Li Lin
Abstract: As a research hotspot of basic computer education, the computational thinking is drawing wide attention of scholars at home and abroad. In this paper, the advantages and difficulties of developing computational thinking ability are elaborated from the view of unique characteristics in Fine Arts academies. The comprehensive problem-solving abilities of the students are expected to be improved by introducing the computational thinking ability into teaching practice.
Authors: Yong Xia Tao, Jian Ling Tan
Abstract: Highly skilled capacity is the aim of vocational training about the course of hydropower building construction. Modern teaching methods have some prosperity, such as immediacy, interaction, imagination and so on .These modern means break the bottleneck of traditional teaching methods. With the help of three-dimensional model and flash animation, which do help students make a good understanding of the course and master the skills.
Authors: Li Rong Shen
Abstract: Electrical and electronics laborary is the important institutions of basic practical teaching in medical colleges for the students majoring in electronics, which is the bridge to professional knowledge. Due to that the mode of traditional teaching has many disadvantages ,the introduction of virtual electrical and electronics laborary become one of the researchs in many colleges. Based on the teaching reform on electrical and electronics laborary in our college, this paper analyzes deficiency of current laboratory, determining design goals of virtual laboratory, describing its some technologies, and illustrates success of new laborary. After the lab was set up, the students’ ability of practice have been improved by the teaching method—combination of virtual and actual train. Furthermore, it makes school resources sharing. The laborary has very broad prospect of application for its benefits.
Authors: Hai Yan Huang, Zhong Chen
Abstract: The continuous development of information technology has been widely used in modern education sector. Music is in change mode of education reform period, the use of media technology in teaching effectiveness, improving fit and modern music teaching information, teaching resources are fully utilized. Information technology can be applied to many music teaching resources, especially the Internet and multimedia technologies, to expand the field of music teaching resources provide great help, plus many support computer hardware and software, will be the main future of music education reform measures.
Authors: Chuan Hong Xu, Jia Jia Huang
Abstract: Applied-information technology and printing materials are very important in autonomous learning of students. Especially as for interactive learning and teaching.This research aims at studying the effectiveness of applied-information technology in regulating learners’ information-emotions teaching reforms. Under the circumstance of networking, it is undoubted a new way to research Applied-information technology and printing materials for the benefits of the development of learners in future. In the course of teaching reforms, positive-information -emotions can enhance the sense of identity, strengthen the function of cohesion, increase the learners’ interest in learning and regulate their mood with the help of networking and other information technology. Therefore, it is very essential that instructors help learners enhance their abilities to learn about and develop positive information-emotions in teaching reforms on the basis of master of applied-information technology.
Authors: Xiao Gui Zhang, Ji Fei Cai
Abstract: The Modern Design Theories and Methods is an important core course for mechanical and electronic engineering graduate students. This paper carries out some useful exploration and experiments on the construction of a reasonable curriculum system, optimization of course content, and utilization of various teaching methods and means to improve the quality of teaching in the teaching of Modern Design Theories and Methods in accordance with the characteristics of college and the mechanical engineering discipline.
Authors: Shan Zhong
Abstract: Introducing three-dimensional modeling technology into the teaching of modern engineering graphics is a hot topic for graphics areas in recent years. Three-dimensional geometric modeling principles, methods, and skills will be integrated and infiltrated to modern engineering graphics course, and this will form a new teaching theory, content and process with modern engineering graphics teaching trends. The teaching reform of modern engineering graphics in the three- dimensional modeling environment must be imperative. This paper analyzes the shortcomings of a traditional teaching system, and explores the teaching mode which three-dimensional modeling is as the mainline and integrates two-dimensional design. Also proposes a combination of teaching methods, and makes the exploration of teaching reform.
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