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Authors: Zhi Qin Qian, Li Zong Lin, Zhuan Huang, Wei Guo Ju, Qun Cao
Abstract: The remote network experiment is to remotely operate laboratory equipment to complete real experiment in different places through the Internet. This paper takes the comprehensive sensor experiment of the course Mechanical engineering testing technology as an example and designs a set of comprehensive remote sensor experiment system based on B/S model and configuration platform. The system is composed of a control system and a test system. The platform of kingview and the module of data acquisition using single-chip computer are used in the control system which communicates through the ModbusRTU protocol to realize data acquisition and the control function of output. The test system is based on Ethernet and composed of AD converter and DDE program. It realizes real-time data acquisition and high speed data transmission through the TCP/IP network. This system not only has the function of appointment course for students, but also greatly enhances students' learning ability by joining new design of experimental modules. The system has good reusability, scalability and maintainability.
Authors: Yong Bin Zhang, Rong Hua Liang
Abstract: Information and network technologies have great positive effect on teaching and learning in education. Many companies and researchers have developed various teaching and learning models to promote teaching and learning processes. In higher education, teachers work on different computer environments, which bring teachers many difficulties, such as version control of teachers working and software availability. We presented a cloud based working and teaching system for teachers so that each teacher will work with the same computer environment wherever and whenever they are as long as internet connection is available. With this model, teachers can focus on their work instead of underline computer infrastructure.
Authors: Chang Wei He, Meng Zhang, Xiao Ping Jia, Yuan Liu
Abstract: In the paper, the design scheme of the new cold store is proposed firstly, with the consideration of the latest technology application and the convenience and maneuverability of practical teaching. Then the refrigeration system is designed based on the calculation of the heat load of the cold store. The suited components such as compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion valve are selected and the electrical system is designed. After that the whole unit is installed and adjusted to make sure that the installation is propitious to improve the system performance and convenient for training. Finally the thermal performance of the new cold store system is tested and compared with the old system test. The result shows that the matching of the new refrigeration system is reasonable and the new cold store is up to the mustard. With the help of training on the cold store, the students will meet the essential requirements of STCW 78/95 convention on application and management of the marine cold store.
Authors: Rui Zhang
Abstract: Traditional Construction Engineering education has some shortcomings, such as difficulty to clearly show complicated structure, high cost and period limitation of practice teaching. So the 3D Construction Engineering Teaching System was built based virtual reality (VR). The system was according to real building and integrated many main courses. The system realizes virtual tour, real-time interaction and shows all architectural and structural features by dividing layer and layer. The experiencing model can stimulate students' interest and achieve remarkable effect. Moreover, this puts forward a new idea of curriculum integration for Construction Engineering Training Program. The developmental model based on ProE, 3D MAX and Virtools supplies a new way to research virtual teaching system. The key technology and solution also fit general 3D interactive simulation system.
Authors: Jian Nie, Li Li
Abstract: We puts forward a cognition of movement in computer supported cooperative learning , designs a multimedia teaching system in a shared environment on sports, and achieves the "Teacher-Student-Multimedia" cooperative learning, the multi-media teaching gradually exhibits its superiority and interactivity. The teaching resources partly apply to the sharing teaching on internet; partly apply to stadium assisting teaching, which supplies better environment for the students’ self-learning as well as more information resources for the teachers.
Authors: Shao Hua Nie
Abstract: With the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction (ICAI) not only overcomes many weaknesses of the traditional CAI. But also greatly enhance and improve the teaching quality and efficiency. In this paper, it firstly analysis and study the characteristics and structure of the ICAI, then proposed the method to achieve ICAI system.
Authors: Jian Yu, Chun Tao Leng, Bo Li, Qi Mei Chen
Abstract: A 17 degree-of-freedom humanoid robot is developed, and a humanoid robot teaching system based on RGB-D sensor is proposed. Through the analysis of the robot’s joint configuration, the transformation formula from the Cartesian coordinate space to the joint space was deduced. Using Microsoft Kinect, the human body skeleton is mapped to the humanoid robot joint. To smooth data without causing delay, a Velocity-based Selective Mean Filter (VSMF) was proposed. The teaching system was applied on the small humanoid robot and the experiment results verified the effectiveness.
Authors: Yong Gang Yang, Qiao Zhuo Gao, Quan Xiao Liu
Abstract: The curriculum construction is a very important work leading to the excellent course. Processing Technology of Paper Box and Carton (including 32 class hours) is a new elective course to the printing engineering in our college. It is very important and necessary to construct the course in time. At first, the current states and difficulties were introduced in the paper, which was that teaching contents, teaching courseware and teacher team should be all improved. Especially, the teaching content proportion on both paper box and carton was set. And then the ideas and ways used for building up the curriculum system are presented as integrating the teaching contents, reforming the teaching mode and strengthening the teaching management. Finally, the significance of carrying out the teaching reform was put forward, and the achievements of course construction should be applied to the usual teaching work.
Authors: Yan Xu, Qun Liu
Abstract: The study analyzes the Industrial Engineering experiment condition, foreign IE teaching and experience condition. It sums up a large number of viewpoints. In conclusion, the study structures the IE experience teaching system. It also gives the IE practice project of the School of Management of Tianjin University of Technology.
Authors: Li Hua Wang
Abstract: Internet-based multimedia network for moral teaching system already been an ordinary thing, but they all lack of teachers and students in interactive sessions, in order to effectively improve the interactivity and effectiveness of online teaching, this paper studies the online browsing courseware, online division and online various teaching resources systems, providing a good online learning platform, the use of second-generation network technology to achieve real-time communication between teachers and students and students to enhance the online teaching interaction of teaching system.
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