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Authors: Camilla Colla
Abstract: The 12th C. Modena Cathedral is a masterpiece testimony of early Romanesque architecture, artand civic values of the time. Following the inclusion in the UNESCO list in 1997, studies, surveysand maintenance works have started. The Emilia’s seismic events of May 2012 have happenedwhen the maintenance operations were already in an advanced phase. The quakes caused damageand re-opening of some historical cracks, in particular in the thin vaults of the naves, near thefaçade and at the junction between naves and choir and crypt. Fragments of brick, mortar from thejoints between bricks and even limited portions of a diagonal rib have fallen to the ground. In viewof seismic assessment and strengthening for improvement of the structural behaviour, detailedstudies of the vaults’ mortar became necessary. The investigation approach was minimal andpreservative, combining on-site close-up visual inspections and micro-destructive testing of themortar joints by mortar penetrometer. For this purpose, openings of 0.25x0.25 m2 in the renderlayer of the 23 vaults were created. The outcome has allowed differentiating between repair mortarsof different strength, used in different historic periods. The mortar resistance was very low butdifferent for lime mortar and gypsum. Values, divided in 3 classes of strength, were found tocorrelate well with the location and severity of the crack pattern and damage map in the vaults. Theresults were useful for a correct design (minimal and reversible) of the cathedral strengtheningintervention.
Authors: Nian Fu Xu, Wei He
Abstract: The precision cam divider is mainly used for intermittent indexing step motion between two vertical staggered shafts and extensively applied in machinery of textile, package, tobacco, food, pharmacy and machining center, etc. [ [. With progress of modern science and technology, higher speed, efficiency, life and quality are required for mechanical transmission mechanisms on automats and automatic lines, as a result, higher requirements are raised for properties of the precision cam divider. In spite of advantages of high transmission speed, high locating precision, high indexing precision, good reliability, good dynamics performance, simple structure and long lifetime, etc. of the precision cam divider, artificial design is very cumbersome, in which design and machining of globoidal indexing cam are more complicated [ [. This paper develops CAD/CAM system for globoidal indexing cam by means of Pro/E system development platform and parameterizes design of globoidal indexing cam and transposition disc so as to simplify design interface and shorten design cycle of product, and mean while performs dynamic assembly, simulation and test of product performance to improve product quality and operating efficiency.
Authors: Yao Ting Zhang, Yi Zheng, Hong Jian Li
Abstract: A dynamic test of two unbonded fully prestressed concrete beams has been conducted. The results indicate that the natural frequency of beams increases with the prestress force, which is opposite to the analytical arguments for homogeneous and isotropic beams subject to axial force. This paper explains the change in frequencies by discussing the change in the elastic modulus. A modified formula is also proposed, and the experimental data agree well with the theoretical analysis.
Authors: Ying Wu, Ming Qing Sun, Zhuo Qiu Li
Abstract: Many efforts have been directed to the micro structure and performance evaluation of Electroplated Diamond Film. The indentation method has become extensively utilized in the evaluation of materials’ mechanical. Nano indentation devices, such as MTS-XP, are very useful, but on the other hand, are not affordable for many research institutions. This paper presents an effective and economic method for testing and evaluating micro-cracking performance of Electroplated Diamond Film on Instron 5848 MicroTester by considering the relative hardness values, and the need to evaluate the maximum strength for brittle materials in practical applications. The design of the test system, the evaluation methods, the test results, and the discussions are presented.
Authors: Bao Sun
Abstract: A library should select new books in accordance with a rational principle, which make it necessary to construct a prediction model for buying books. The paper provides a reasonable criterion to conduct university library to construct an efficient collection. The change of library lending depends on the change of the number of readers and on the change of the books that a library possesses. The author has investigated library lending and the number of readers of a university library in China for 18 school years and finds that the sample data fit the simple linear regression model. Then the prediction equation and the prediction value of library lending in the school year 2012-2013 is obtained. The author has observed library lending and the library collection for 11 school years and finds that the sample data fit the regression model.. Then Based on the control theory of the regression analysis, the control equation and the control value of the collection in the school year 2012-2013 is obtained according to the prediction value of library lending. The control value of the collection minus the observed value of the collection in last school year 2011-2012 is the library demand for new books in the school year 2012-2013.
Authors: Shi Xiang Hu, Qiao Huang, Shi Feng Lin
Abstract: The calculation of structure creep effect depends on the computational accuracy of concrete prediction model. Eight groups of test data were collected and used to evaluate six different prediction models. The differences between the calculated and the test data were analyzed. Based on the analysis, the method to improve the B3 prediction model was discussed, and the examples of revised B3 prediction model by the use of short-time tests were also presented. The results show that updating the prediction model based on short-time tests can improve the accuracy of B3 creep prediction model.
Authors: Qi Ji
Abstract: This article introduces a dynamic target simulation device to evaluate dynamic image quality of the aerial camera. The device simulated the positional relationship of the sky and ground in the laboratory when aerial camera flies at high altitude. And it can be used to inspect camera image quality of aerial camera flying at high altitude in laboratory. At a same time, the article focuses on this servo control system of device, building a control model, and giving control strategy. The servo control system was proved stably and reliably after experimental verification. And it provides a strong guarantee for the test of the dynamic image.
Authors: Jing Wang, Qian Wang, Min He, Shen Jun
Abstract: Based on the KIVA-3V source program and coupling the multidimensional model of in-cylinder combustion, this thesis designs a simulation platform of the combustion and emission performances of diesel engines. Results of the test on the in-cylinder pressure change and emission of the experimental subject proves the accuracy of the platform, showing that the platform is able to objectively reflect the real working process of the subject, and that it can be used to research the combustion and emission performances of the experimental engines for a further improvement of the working performances.
Authors: Jian Zhang, Zong Da Zheng
Abstract: This paper tests a direct evaporative cooling air conditioner which used in Lanzhou, China, obtain wet and dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, and other technical parameters, analysis the performance of the units by cooling efficiency and resistance, to study if the units could be applied in Lanzhou. Lanzhou belongs to the dry areas, so direct evaporative cooling air conditioner will perform high applicability here, and contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection.
Authors: Shuang Li, Wei Guo Dong, Jan Hui Ma
Abstract: Immerse cotton fabric into the TiO2 sol directly, which is produced by Titanate hydrolysis. Make cotton fabric and nano-TiO2 bind directly, so that the treated cotton fabric obtain a better decomposition of organic stains function. Combination fastness of fabric and TiO2 , self-cleaning function , regain , breaking strength , permeability , wrinkle recovery angle were tested.The results showed that: the fabric coated with nano-TiO2 has a self-cleaning function, good fastness, wrinkle recovery angle increases, moisture regain, tensile strength and permeability decrease slightly.
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