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Authors: Qi Li, Yan Fei Liu, Da Cheng Luo, Jing Jing Yang
Abstract: Due to high correspondence speed, great real-time performance and good expansibility, CAN bus has been used widely in aerospace, large-scale equipments and other fields these years .This paper introduces a kind of CAN Bus Test Instrument based on PXI bus and FPGA, which is used to test and monitor the CAN bus equipment. The result of test shows that this kind of test instrument has great advantages in reliability, stability and extensibility.
Authors: Qi Li
Abstract: In the large-capacity, high-speed and real-time data acquisition and transmission, PXI bus have a widely application in the field of data acquisition and transmission. This paper introduces the design and implement of simplified state machine in the measurement and control system based on PXI bus. The results of test indicate that the technology is practical and valuable.
Authors: Jing Ming Lai, Shi Hong Wang, Feng Xue, Ke Liu, Jing Chen
Abstract: Based on ARM embedded platform and WINCE system we developed an intelligent system oriented to test processes in the power supply industry. The intelligent instruments management system(IIMS) used RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) technology and achieved the functions such as automatic instruments identification, automatic confirmation of the operators, the operations of warehouse site controller, electronic use records, etc. IIMS could be controlled remotely via LAN(Local area network). IIMS was applied to the test team in Dongguan Power Supply Bureau. The implemental results show that it greatly enhances instruments usage efficiency. The average time of check-in and check-out of each instrument in the regular operations drops from 69 seconds to 11 seconds. The implementation also shows that IIMS is responsive with stable performance.
Authors: Xiao Yu Zhang
Abstract: To meet the test requirements of a certain kind missile, the general test system based on the PXI bus and test adapters is designed, The generality of the system is achieved by designing corresponding adapter for different types of missiles, the framework based on the function interface and the method of the test tasks handle dynamic management are used in the software, the expert systemthe database theory and other theories are used in the intelligence faults diagnosis system. The practical application results indicated that the system has many advantages such as better generality, high automatization and more convenience.
Authors: Chong Liu, Yu Feng Cao, Qi Li
Abstract: Power semiconductor devices are widely used and its DC parameters test equipment are in great demand. This paper broke through the key technology of high pulsed current generating based on charging and discharging with the capacitor. High voltage source, big pulse current source, constant voltage source that can test large current constant, small current source, small voltage source, a digital voltmeter, etc important parts of a power semiconductor devices DC parameters test equipment have been developed. Also the measurement software for DC parameters testing of the power semiconductor devices has been developed. Based on above, power semiconductor equipments DC parameters test instrument have developed successfully.
Authors: Meng Qing Tanli, Qian Zhang, Xu Jing Yang, Yan Jiang, Ru Shu Peng
Abstract: In the past, the instrument in the test station is usually using analogy technology, the testing and inspecting with the device executed with discrete and isolated way, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness, the digital instrument of radial direction preciseness for round shape part is designed and composed based on Labview in this research. The mechanic section of this instrument is an inspection device, the acquisition section use the acquisition module of NI, the software of the instrument is developed with Labview. The instrument is fitted to apply in the shop floor of factory.
Authors: Deng Feng Li, Li Min Guan, Qi Ming Zhang, Cai Xia Zhao
Abstract: As to the pavement test, with the slip-based control method, a new pavement mobile type of measuring device was designed to obtain the continuous friction coefficient parameters in this paper. The operation principles and the concrete completion methods of slip ratio control were introduced in detail. 89C52 was adopted as the center chip to achieve the system design of hardware and software. After the pavement tests, the prototype is of high reliability, low cost, and simple operation, meanwhile, meets the requirements of pavement skid resistance.
Authors: Hong Jun Li
Abstract: Now, water testing in horizontal well is still a worldwide problem, has not yet been mature and reliable technology is widely used in oil fields. Liaohe oilfield test center after three years of scientific research, has made some progress, developed a set of suitable technology for water testing in Liaohe oilfield horizontal wells, and to apply this technology to the water testing in oil wells, a good test results have been achieved.
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