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Authors: Matthew Bibby, Christopher King
Abstract: Texture metrology of large optical components causes many practical problems, from handling heavy units in the laboratory, to applying existing bench top devices, unable to access most of the part area. Application of an on-machine device allows these practical issues to be overcome and provides an opportunity for an automated metrology process. We describe our work on a texture interferometer that is mounted onto a Zeeko optical polishing machine for in-process surface texture measurements on large optics.
Authors: Hasso Weiland, Joseph M. Fridy, Ed Llewellyn
Authors: Q.L. Rao, Qing Hua Lu, X. Yao, J. Hu
Abstract: With area detector X-ray diffraction system, the orientation of superconductor films and their relationships with substrates can be easily examined. For YBCO high temperature superconductor films having complex crystalline orientation relationship fore and after melting process, 2-dimesional X-ray diffraction provides us much more information than common X-ray diffraction. This is very helpful for understanding the peritectic reaction during melting process because the growth mechanism of Y211 crystalline can be explained from its orientation information. Y211 phrase in the film and its orientation relationship with YBCO phase and MgO substrate have been analyzed at first. It is found that Y211 crystalline is well match with both MgO substrate and YBCO parent phase. Then the melting process of YBCO has been discussed from the view of the orientation relationship between each phase.
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