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Authors: Yan Juan Liu, Ming Zhu, Ya Wen Yang, Ai Bin Kang
Abstract: Taking high concentration livestock wastewater as research object, The results showed that the constructed rapid infiltration system operated at the largest hydraulic loading of 0.26m/d, and during the period of the flooding for ond day and drying for two days, the main efficiency of pollutants occurred in filter height of 0.65m, with the maximum removal efficiency of COD and ammonia nitrogen as 80%; TF and MLVSS also reached maximum.
Authors: Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Mayur Bansal
Abstract: The use of solar energy is increased now due to its renewable and pollution-free characteristics. The grid connected dc-ac inverters are largely needed for solar power generation which can be used for power transmission and distribution. The electrical power supplied by the solar arrays depends on temperature, isolation and array voltage. It is therefore necessary to adopt MPPT in order to bring the solar array operating voltage near the peak power point. It will help in drawing maximum possible power from the array. This paper presents various techniques used for achieving this target and compares them with each other to know the benefits and drawbacks with each method.Keywords: MPP, P&O, IC, PV, TF.
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