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Authors: Zheng Zhang, Geng Liu, Tian Xiang Liu
Abstract: An adaptive meshless element-free Galerkin-finite element (EFG-FE) coupling model for thermal elasto-plastic contact problems is developed to investigate the influences of the steady-state frictional heating on the contact performance of two contacting bodies. The thermal elasto-plastic contact problems using the initial stiffness method is presented. The local adaptive refinement strategy and the strain energy gradient-based error estimation for EFG-FE coupling method are combined. The adaptive meshless model takes into account the temperature variation, micro plastic flow, and the coupled thermo-elasto-plastic behavior of the materials, considering the strain-hardening property of the materials and temperature-dependent yield strength. The adaptive model is verified through the contact analysis of a cylinder with an elasto-plastic plane. The thermal effects on the contact pressure, stresses distributions with certain frictional heat inputs are studied. The results show that the accuracy of the solutions from the adaptive refinement model is satisfactory but the cost of the CPU time is much less than that for the uniform refinement calculation.
Authors: Rui Ting Tong, Geng Liu, Quan Ren Zeng, Tian Xiang Liu
Abstract: A thermal elasto-plastic asperity contact model is investigated in this paper, which takes into account the steady-state heat transfer and the asperity distortion due to thermal elasto-plastic deformations. A hard coating and a soft coating are applied to study the correlations between contact area and contact pressure, average gap and contact pressure, coating thickness and contours of the contact stress distribution et al. The effects of material properties, the coating thickness, frictional coefficient, and the heat input combinations on the stress distribution are investigated and discussed. The results may help to make an appropriate choice of the hard coating thickness.
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