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Authors: C.R. Crotaz, Hugh R. Shercliff, D.J.C. Mackay
Authors: M.J. Thomas, Bradley P. Wynne, Eric J. Palmiere, Ken P. Mingard, Bryan Roebuck
Abstract: An assessment of the inhomogeneity of microstructure generated within plane strain compression test specimens has been performed using the nickel based superalloy, Waspaloy. Two variables were investigated: the effect of strain rate and the effect of friction at the tool/specimen interface. Tests were performed at 1040°C at nominal strain rates of 0.01 and 1 s-1 with and without a glass based lubricant. At the low strain rate the microstructure was relatively homogeneous regardless of the friction conditions. At the high strain rate there was significant microstructure variation from surface to mid plane which was further exaggerated by increased friction. Quantification of the inhomogeneity, however, is non-trivial in this alloy due to the complicated recrystallisation behaviour it exhibits and difficulty in differentiating between recrystallised and non-recrystallised grains.
Authors: H. Ahmed, Mary A. Wells, Daan M. Maijer, Menno van der Winden
Abstract: A mathematical model has been developed and validated to predict deformation, temperature and microstructure evolution during multi-pass hot rolling of an AA5083 aluminum alloy. The validated model was employed to examine the effect of changing the number of rolling passes and the strain partitioning during multi-pass rolling on the material stored energy and the resulting microstructure. Results indicate that the number of rolling passes has a significant effect on the material stored energy. In addition, the way the strain is partitioned in two-pass rolling cases affects the material stored energy with decreasing strain/pass providing the highest stored energy in the material after rolling and vice versa. The reason behind these results was further investigated indicating that the thermal evolution during rolling may significantly influence the material stored energy and subsequent recrystallization kinetics.
Authors: Pello Uranga, Ana Isabel Fernández-Calvo, Beatriz López, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe
Authors: Hiroshi Fukutomi, Kyu Seop Park, Takayoshi Iseki, T. Takahashi
Authors: S. Bhattacharya, C. Dasgupta, K.C. Agrawal
Authors: Koh Ichi Sugimoto, Akira Hayakawa, Shunichi Hashimoto, Shushi Ikeda
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