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Authors: Jian Ming Wang
Abstract: The author studied and designed a simple, scientific and controllable comprehensive pace-moving testing method according to the exertion of skills in games done by volleyball players. The author chose and decided the test item system he used, established dynamic state digital simulation model, set up criteria for evaluation of player training, and made analysis and decisions about forward looking training goals for coaches of volleyball teams. Then the author carried into execution special pace-moving modular training, found data for scientifically adjusting and controlling the training course of quick speed pace move of volleyball players.
Authors: Ji Gan Wang, Wan Li Xue
Abstract: This paper profoundly analyses the problems of post-doctoral training system for the lack of innovation capability of China's post-doctoral researchers and gives some suggestions about training concepts, training objectives, training methods, academic environment, evaluation and motivation and so on. There must be certain referential significance for improving the postdoctoral system and the training quality of post-doctors.
Authors: Xiao Qing Xie, Guan Nan Li
Abstract: The school-enterprise cooperation is an important way to train highly-skilled personnel, improve independent innovation capacity. This paper based on the research of the current school-enterprise cooperation mode and its obstacles, analysing the operation mechanism of this mode, and thus proposing a rational choice of sustainable operational mechanism for building a school-enterprise cooperation mode of training high-skilled talents.
Authors: Hong Zhou, Yi Zhang, Hui Zhi Sun
Abstract: Engineering talents should not only have the solid basic theoretical knowledge and the ability to solve practical problems, but also have the strong sense of innovation. The paper discusses the problem about how to construct college students' innovative ability, and multi-platform and multi-level innovation ability training system is proposed. It elaborates the main measures of innovation ability training system; so it can improve students' comprehensive quality.
Authors: Wen Jing Bai
Abstract: For current college students' employment pressure and the status of the school needs to be market-oriented, research and implement human resource information system based on the Internet. The system functions in addition to traditional recruitment websites, but also by k-means algorithm manpower resource information database established mining, enable schools to keep abreast of the needs of the information society to the creation of professional talent, curriculum; using C4.5 algorithm, the historical data of previous graduates to classify and predict the direction of the employment of graduates.
Authors: Xu Zhang
Abstract: With the development of domestic translation major, translation teaching becomes urgent to reform the traditional pedagogy, which inevitably relies on the research of literacy translation ability, the Internet and modern educational technology. In order to effectively students' overall literacy translation ability, a model of translation ability wad proposed based on internet, by analyzing the characteristics of literacy translation sub-abilitys and the possible applications of various internet platforms to translation education.
Authors: Wen Dai, Qing Lin, Heng Wen Li
Abstract: This paper proposed the problem on how to improve professional degree graduate students’ engineering quality. Based on teaching practice, three kinds of reform measures are proposed. Firstly, change the curriculum system setting. And then establish interdisciplinary tutor team. Lastly, construct the practice base. In the engineering quality cultivation, highlight the practice ability training. By establishing variety practice platforms provided students practical engineering training environment. Through the above reform measures, enhanced students’ awareness of engineering and improved their engineering quality.
Authors: Zhi Min Dai, Lu Guo
Abstract: Innovation lies in a breakthrough has its own unique view, concrete expression to generate a novel and unique, there is social value or value of the individual thoughts, ideas, methods and products. Business Administration field embodies the innovation and spark creative thinking. In recent years, it is not satisfactory under a variety of educational models in parallel quality of training. TRIZ innovation theory behavior perspective analysis can effectively identify the level of innovation capability in different groups of university students, a series of targeted training activities can practice in this basis in order to achieve creativity in our students the accumulation of knowledge, effective identified and enhanced innovation and practical ability and quality of innovation.
Authors: Yin Da Sun, Wen Qin Xu, Bai Qing Zhou, Wen Yong Tao
Abstract: The electromechanical professional have been recommended to be one of the ten urgently needed in the 21st century. According to problems existed in teaching, reforming ideas and its implementation are put forward to provide an operable, referencable, and propagable mode for the personnel training scheme.
Authors: Jin Yu Song, Shu Sen Sun
Abstract: As an intersection field of art and technology, digital media needs the inter-disciplinary talents who are good at art and computer technology. Based on the analysis of existing problems in the current teaching of digital media technology, this paper puts forwards a new kind of training mode: based on four principles in digital media technology teaching.
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