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Authors: Torsten Linz, René Vieroth, Christian Dils, Mathias Koch, Tanja Braun, Karl Friedrich Becker, Christine Kallmayer, Soon Min Hong
Abstract: This document explains different approaches to integrating electronics in textiles. It discusses reliability standards and tests for electronics in textiles. Encapsulation technologies are evaluated concerning their applicability in textile integrated electronics. Furthermore a specific assembly with embroidered wiring and embroidered interconnections has been developed and improved. Two different encapsulation technologies have been developed for this assembly. Standardized tests have been carried out to assess the reliability of the assembly and its encapsulations. Finally the achievements are critically discussed.
Authors: Hae Won Lee, Joo Sun Kim, Jong Ho Lee, H. Song
Abstract: Thermoset molding in wet and dry state was successfully employed to fabricate high strength reaction bonded silicon carbide (RBSC) ceramics. Granule transfer molding (GCM) was developed to prevent segregation of component particles and binder phase in wet state, while granule compression molding was applied in dry state to fabricate green compact with significant variation of compaction ratio. Low-fill density granules with mixing homogeneity were critical for promoting lateral deformation of granules during consolidation. In addition, anodic performance of Ni-YSZ anode was significantly enhanced by replacing solid fugitive phase with viscoelastic fugitive phase used as binder in thermoset molding.
Authors: Xiao Guang Zhang, Yu Liu, Jun Xue Ren, Jing Xian Yang
Abstract: Design and fabrication of a tactical motor nozzle flexible joint were accomplished in this paper. The miniature flexible joint configuration characteristics were analyzed. The silicone rubber was selected as the elastomer ring material based on the mechanical properties test. Individual reinforcement and elastomer rings were assembled to form the flexible joint by transfer molding. Test results indicate that the flexible joint meet the performance requirements.
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