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Authors: Chun Hui Chen, Ya Fei Nie
Abstract: Markov prediction is an important method predicts availability of repairable system. How to estimate the transition matrix and profit matrix (if it has) play a fundamental role in Markov prediction. This article introduced briefly homogeneous Markov chain prediction method, study on estimation and algorithm which calculate the transition matrix and profit matrix accompany with transition on the base of historical data about system state and profit. Finally, according to algorithm, we write a customized functions utilizing R software and provide the calling method more details. It did fundamental work on utilizing data about system failure and maintenance to estimate the rate of system failure and the effective degree of steady-state, which enrich the theory and technology of decision models for reliability-centered maintenance and system maintainability modeling.
Authors: Yong Hou Sun, Jing Zhang, Mei Fa Huang, Jiang Tai Huang, Xiong Cheng
Abstract: In this paper, a method for axis to plane in random direction perpendicularity error evaluation based on new generation GPS is proposed. On the basis of a comprehensive study about the definition and measurement method of perpendicularity error, the evaluation model based on the minimum zone conditions is established. Datum plane is transformed to coordinate plane through transition matrix, so the perpendicularity error of measured element to datum plane can be transformed to that of measured element to coordinate plane. The evaluation model is simplified. Example shows that the perpendicularity error of axis to plane can be evaluated accurately and effectively.
Authors: Feng Xia Gu, Wen Bao Liu
Abstract: Change detection of landscape patterns has become a fundamental research theme in urban and rural studies due to its scientific importance in understanding the connection of global environment changes to social-economic dynamics. Landscape patterns can be directly represented and visualized by landuse maps, and they can also be further abstracted and mathematically quantified by landscape metrics. This paper examines the changes in coastal landscape patterns of Tianjin Binhai New Area using landuse datasets of 1981, 1990 and 2000. The results show that the coastline played a controlling role in shaping landscape patterns across the study area. As a result, the rate of urban expansion in the north-south direction was much faster than that in the east-west direction. During the period of 1981-2000, most changes occurred on urban land, forestland, wetland and agricultural land, while the change on water bodies remained insignificant.
Authors: Hong Hee Yoo, Sung Jin Eun
Abstract: Dynamic stability of axially accelerated beams is investigated in this paper. The equations of motion of a fixed-free beam undergoing axially accelerated motion are derived. Unstable regions due to the acceleration are obtained by using the Floquet’s theory. Stability diagrams are presented to illustrate the influence of the acceleration characteristics. Large unstable regions of flutter type instability exist around the first, twice the first, and twice the second bending natural frequencies. Divergence type instability also occurs when the acceleration exceeds a certain value. The validity of the stability diagram is confirmed by direct numerical integration of the equations of motion.
Authors: Chun Feng Liu, Xiao Li Meng, Huan Cheng Zhang
Abstract: By giving a centroid algorithm to extract pixel coordinates of each circle in the center of a circle under the coordinates, through the coordinate transformation the image coordinates can be obtained. Based on the data obtained from above to verify the model, from the specific data of the relative error, absolute error and error propagation theory to discuss the algorithm accuracy and stability. Finally using the least square method, according to the mean square error criteria for the establishment of a minimum of three-dimensional coordinate system fixed relative position of two cameras, binocular positioning mathematical models and by discussing the nature of matrix and the relationship between the relative position of the camera to calibrate the binocular digital camera.
Authors: Chun Feng Liu, Shan Shan Kong, Hai Ming Wu
Abstract: Digital cameras have been widely used in the areas of road transportation, railway transportation as well as security system. To address the position of digital camera in these fields this paper proposed a geometry calibration method based on feature point extraction of arbitrary target. Under the meaning of the questions, this paper first defines four kinds of coordinate system, that is the world coordinate system. The camera's optical center of the coordinate system is the camera coordinate system, using the same point in different coordinate system of the coordinate transformation to determine the relationship between world coordinate system and camera coordinate. And thus determine the camera's internal parameters and external parameters, available transformation matrix and translation vector indicated by the camera's internal parameters of the external parameters and the establishment of a single camera location model. According to the model, using the camera's external parameters to be on the target circle center point in the image plane coordinates.
Authors: Fang Ding He, Guang Jun Guo, Yang Yang
Abstract: The horizontal vibration characteristic of the pile foundation is a key technology in dynamic design of foundation engineering. By researching on the horizontal harmonic loads in layered foundation, use horizontal vibration answers of buried foundation to deal with horizontal vibration impedance problems of pile tip. The transition matrix can be used to analyze the dynamic impedance function for horizontal vibration of pile foundation in layered foundation. And results in the paper is checked with traditional methods, which shows the both results fitting well.
Authors: Yu Yan Zhao
Abstract: Based on the support of GIS tools and land database, this paper put the LUCC theory into practice. The ArcGIS space analysis and transition matrix are used for the research of land use change of Dalian city through the 20 years’ period. Result shows that, from the year 1990 to the year 2010, enormous transformation has happened in land use type, of which the overall characteristics of transformation are reduction of wood land and grass land, with the increasing of construction land and water area. The trend of city construction area’s enlarging and agricultural land resources’ reducing is very obvious.
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