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Authors: Wei Hai Yuan, Ya Ping Li
Abstract: With the pilot program of tri-networks integration been finalized and implemented , the development of domestic IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) will usher in a new policy and market environment .On this premise, it is of great practical significance to be aware clearly of the problem and its priority, encountered in the process of disseminating IPTV, and to explore appropriate solutions. Besides, because of the importance and speciality of IPTV in tri-networks integration , to explore the development of the domestic IPTV needs to take into overall consideration the policy, technology, economy and even national security, and other factors.
Authors: Jian Zhou, Shan Shan Li, Wei Jie Tan
Abstract: Aiming at face Tri-networks integration demand bearing network/core backbone, carry out research of security control technical structure , key technologies and standards systematic In Tri-networks integration environment, to Build a safer control system that includes Facing the Tri-networks integration of business, network, content, behavior, etc. Research oriented business level controls and abnormal behavior of preventing high-speed low delay safety control equipment, builds the control center system, realize the legality of different modal information content safety monitoring control, network security situation analysis and display, control strategy of unified management and dynamic maintenance, and other functions. validation the functions and performance of security control network system, argumentation the feasibility and evolution ability of the fusion network security control system structure.
Authors: Lin Zhang, Wei Zhang
Abstract: In the Context of integration of the Tri-networks, digital libraries start running its individual knowledege service to express its using value. Basic on the gereral introduction of integration of the Tri-networks, this paper will discuess the stratiges of running the individual knowledge services.
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