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Authors: Hua Wang, Yun Peng Zhang, Xiao Yu Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, the effect of welding current of the tungsten inert gas arc (TIG) welding process on weld quality of TZM alloy was investigated and the fracture microstructure and mechanical properties of the welding joints of TZM alloy was analyzed by x-ray flaw detection, metallographic microscopic analysis, scanning electron microscopy and mechanical properties test. The results indicate that the weld bead with excellent mechanical properties can be obtained using the welding process parameter with the welding current of 210A, welding speed of 4 mm/s and the argon gas flow rate of 8~12 L/min. The microstructure of weld presents the large columnar grains in the center of the weld bead and the equiaxed grains in heat-affected zone instead of the lamellar fiber texture of the TZM alloy matrix, which resulted in the weakened strength of the matrix and the improved plasticity of it.
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