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Authors: Xue Hua Tang, Zheng You, Yong Jun Yang, Hong Tao He
Abstract: In this paper, a comb-driving tunneling magnetometer based on the tunneling effect is introduced. The designation, manufacture and tests of this magnetometer are discussed, including its structure, FEA analysis, machining processes and test results. The test results indicate that the chip is coincidental with the tunneling effect and the chip is capable of sensing the magnetic signal.
Authors: C.G. Karagiannopoulos, P.D. Bourkas, C.T. Dervos, C.A. Kagarakis
Authors: Xiao Hui Li, Ran Ran Zhao, Jin Rui Zhang
Abstract: Based on the tunnel effect, a mathematic model was set up to describe the tunnel resistivity of carbon black-filled cement-based composites (CBCC). The relationships between the tunnel resistivity and the microstructure parameters, the motion parameters of carriers as well as the external electric field strength in the CBCC were established by using the model. Furthermore, the inherent relation between the tunnel resistivity and carbon black volume fraction was discovered. Moreover, the effect of carbon black volume fraction on tunnel effect of CBCC was investigated through experiments. The theoretical results obtained from the model were in agreement with the experimental data, which proved the rationality of the tunnel resistivity model of CBCC.
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