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Authors: Wen Wang, Dan Wang, Fu Sheng Han
Abstract: The present study shows that warmly forged and low-temperature annealed twinning induced plasticity (TWIP) steel exhibited very high dislocation density and apparent yield-point phenomenon in addition to very high yield strength. The initial density of dislocations significantly affected the evolution of dislocations during the subsequent tensile deformation. Original high dense dislocations prompted the rapid increase of dislocations, and intensified the complexity of dislocation configurations. All these effects made the twinning deformation weakened but the dislocation deformation enhanced, leading to increased strength but decreased plasticity.
Authors: Kostianyn Kushnir, Andriy Ostapovets
Abstract: Variety of interatomic potentials for magnesium can be found in the literature. Result of computer simulations can be slightly different depending on used potential. Particularly, twin boundary structure with the lowest energy can be different in a frame of different models. Comparison of several popular embedded-atom method potentials is provided. It is shown that either reflection or glide structure of twin boundary has the lowest energy for different potentials.
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