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Authors: J. Lu, B. Shen, N.J. Tang, D.J. Chen, Y.D. Zheng
Abstract: The weak-localization of the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in a modulation-doped Al0.22Ga0.78N/GaN single quantum well has been investigated through the magnetoresistance measurements. The elastic scattering time τε, dephasing time τφ and spin-orbit(s-o) scattering time τso at various temperatures are obtained. The fitting parameters indicate that the inelastic scatterings to the 2DEG are mainly due to the piezoelectric field and the alloy disorder in the AlxGa1-xN barrier. When the second subband in the triangular quantum well at the heterointerface is occupied by the 2DEG, the anti-weak localization is observed clearly, which is due to the strong spin-orbit interaction. The spin-orbit effect dominates the quantum correction of the conductivity in the upper subband. The intersubband scattering becomes stronger with increasing temperature.
Authors: L. Hsu, W. Walukiewicz, Eugene E. Haller
Authors: A. Verevkin, E.M. Gershenzon, G.N. Gol'tsman, N.G. Ptitsina, G.M. Chulkova, K.S. Smirnov, R. Sobolewski
Authors: V. Kazukauskas, M. Grün, St. Petillon, A. Storzum, C. Klingshirn
Authors: A.I. Onipko, L.I. Malysheva, Yu.A. Klimenko
Authors: Karine Abgaryan, Ilya Mutigullin, Dmitriy Bazhanov
Abstract: Theoretical multiscale model of nitride semiconductor nanostructure is proposed. The model combines various computational methods such as density functional theory, molecular dynamics and kinetic Monte Carlo. As a first step of implementation of proposed approach ab initio calculations of structural and electronic properties of two different structures InN/Si and AlN/AlGaN/GaN heterostructures were carried out. In particular, the influence of oxygen on InN/Si adhesion energy was studied. AlN, GaN, AlxGa1-xN (x=0.33) spontaneous and piezoelectric polarizations as well as sheet carrier concentrations at GaN/AlGaN interface were calculated. Obtained value for sheet carrier concentration at GaN/AlGaN interface is close to experimental data.
Authors: Nai Yun Tang
Abstract: Influence of polarization effect on current across GaN/AlNresonant tunneling diode (RTD) is simulated by self-consistent calculations ofSchrödinger and Poisson equations. When taking into account polarization chargesat the heterointerface, the band diagram and electronic properties of RTD areobviously changed. As a result, the current-voltage characteristics showsasymmetrical phenomenon. As the polarization effect is enhanced, the resonancepeak is shifted accordingly and even disappears.
Authors: A.H. Esmailian, F. Kanjouri, N. Mohammadi, M.R. Mahloojian, N. Abbasi
Abstract: We have studied the collective excitations (spin-wave energies) in the ground state of a two-dimensional (2D) electron system using the random phase approximation (RPA). To do so, we have calculated the magnetic transverse susceptibility in 2D electron system by Hartree-Fock (HF) approximation of Hubbard model at T=0 which is generally referred to as the Stoner model. The spin-waves dispersion of three-dimensional (3D) electron system due to its quadratic behavior starts from zero at q0 while our numerical results show that the spin-waves dispersion of 2D electron system starts from the value Δ, known as exchange splitting energy, even at q=0.
Authors: Chia Ching Chen, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright, Konstantin Vassilevski
Abstract: The formation of two-dimensional electron gases (2DEG) at the polytypic 6H/3C heterojunction is investigated. The main of study was to obtain the properties of the 3C/6H structure using Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) software. The electron-density distribution and conduction band profile in 6H/3C SiC heterojunction are calculated as a function of temperature. Simulation of these hetero-junctions has concentrated on the I-V behaviour over a range of temperatures between 350 and 650 K. We show that the device characteristics are substantially degraded at high temperatures and this will limit the use of these devices to moderate temperature applications.
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