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Authors: H. Suzuki, R. Kawamori, M. Miyabara, T. Okino, Yasuto Hijikata, Y. Yamamoto, K. Nakamoto, T. Moriwaki, H. Shibutani
Abstract: Micro axis-symmetric aspherical glass lenses are being increasingly used in digital devices and optical devices. The glass lenses are molded by using micro ceramic dies such as tungsten carbide [1].Recently, as the pixel number of digital image sensors increases, the accuracy of micro molding dies are required to be much more precise than ever [2]. In this study, ultrasonic assisted polishing method is proposed and developed in order to finish micro axis-symmetric aspherical dies which were pre-ground with a diamond wheel [3]. In this paper, the proposed polishing method was applied to the micro aspherical molding dies to finish form compensation processing.
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