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Authors: Jung Chung Hung, Ching Shyong Shieh
Abstract: This study attempted to design and develop an integrated system of a microforming apparatus with ultrasonic-vibration device. A closed-loop displacement and force control was implemented with servo motors. The apparatus has a load capacity up to 10,000N. The displacement error curve of the platform was measured with API 5DLS laser interferometer, and fed into the control program to compensate for motion errors. The positioning precision of the platform has been upgraded up to 5μm, with a load accuracy of 0.5N. Taking advantage of FEA and optimization technology, boosters and resonator with 35 kHz frequency were designed and fabricated. The simulation results and the experimental results match perfectly on the account of resonance frequencies and amplitudes. To the end, the integration of the ultrasonic-vibration device with microforming platform demonstrates a precision process for micro-parts.
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