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Authors: Matthieu Peniel, Houda El Bekkachi, Olivier Tougait, Mathieu Pasturel, Henri Noël
Abstract: The isothermal sections of the U-Mo-C ternary system have been established at 1000°C and 1400°C, using powder X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy coupled with energy dispersive X-ray analysis for the quantification of U and Mo and differential thermal analysis. The main differences between the two sections are the appearance of liquid phase at about 1230°C, due to the peritectic decomposition of γ-UMo, and the peritectoid decompositions of MoC and β’’ Mo2C. No other transformation was detected in this temperature range, especially one involving the two only ternary phases found, UMoC2 and U2Mo2C3.
Authors: O. Fiquet, L. Da-Silva, F. Garcia-Ferre, M. Brothier, Gaëlle Carlot, Philippe Garcia, Guillaume Martin, M.F. Barthe
Abstract: Mixed Uranium-Plutonium Carbides are candidate fuels for 4th generation nuclear reactors. In this frame, a research program is underway at CEA (French alternative and atomic energies commission) to gather basic properties of such material to get a better understanding of in-pile behaviour. In the field of solid state physics, the measurement of transport properties and in particular diffusion coefficient requires the preparation of uranium carbide samples with very specific characteristics: very low oxygen content, mono-phased UC, high density (greater than 95% of the theoretical one), coarse microstructure, accurate samples geometry. In this paper the Process development is presented to manufacture such samples and the specific equipments which have been set up in glove-box. Characterizations of the first samples are also given.
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