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Authors: Guo Hui Zhang, Jian Fang Sun
Abstract: In this paper the system architecture of the vehicular monitoring system based on high speed CAN bus and low speed CAN Bus and SAE J1939 so as to share information between different ECUs (Electronic Control Units) has been designed. Using Visual C++ 6.0, vehicular monitoring software platform has been developed to realize vehicular runtime parameters monitoring, device controllers monitoring and malfunction monitoring. Also a case study has been given, and the results of the system application are reasonable.
Authors: Zhan Guo, Zu Ming Xiao
Abstract: Against drunk driving, this paper puts forward a kind of design scheme of vehicular system to prevent drunk driving based on GPS/GSM technology. The system is at the core of a single chip processor with the use of the alcohol sensor to test the driver's alcohol concentration.alcohol sensor.If alcohol is beyond the limit, cars are banned running and drunk driving information will be sent to the traffic police command monitoring platform through the GPS/GSM technology. The system has the characteristics of integration, human nature, and intelligence.
Authors: Yue Huang, Gui He Qin, Tong Liu, Xiao Dan Wang
Abstract: In-vehicle networks were initially developed to operate in a closed environment and thus their security has not been concerned. However, growing attention has been paid to the convenience and entertainment value of vehicles, and thus automakers are integrating general entertainment devices into vehicles, which brings about the problem of information security. In this paper, the structure of secondary defense system was used to obstruct the Internet and autobody inner in-vehicle networks such as CAN and LIN. We built a strategy ensuring in-vehicle gateway security and an in-vehicle information software system.
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