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Authors: Oleg Korolkov, Natalja Sleptsuk, Paul Annus, Raul Land, Toomas Rang
Abstract: In the present work we have considered the prototype of the high-voltage diode stack made on the basis of commercial SiC Schottky diodes. Implementation of vertical integration for four diode chips yielded stack with the reverse current of 25 μA under reverse voltage of 6 kV. The capacitance of the stack at zero bias is reduced more than three times in comparison with initial diodes. Reverse recovery time of the stack was 8.0 ns. This paper proposes a convenient analytical approach to the estimation of parameters of modular compositions with vertical architecture.
Authors: Rong Quan Ma, Dong Mei Miao, Ming Lei Ma, Gui Ling Wang
Abstract: Integrated construction technology is in developing quickly in Chinas civil engineering community. With its space saving and heat insulation properties, people both in cold and hot region both need the thin wall settled structure to avoid burning hot or extremely cold. This article proposed an innovative integrating construction technology that has gained more and more popularity in construction project by adoption of thin wall thermal insulation board. The detail of the anchorage of the structure surface and the board, bond together with a special nail, and the whole system was controlled by the fastening system. It is one type vertical integration strategy and will gain more competition advantages for the construction enterprises.
Authors: Jian Fei Tu
Abstract: Virtual organization is an important form of the cooperation between enterprises. Information technology is the technological base of the efficient and orderly operation of the virtual organization. This article, through the analysis of the demand in information system platform of horizontal integration, vertical integration and other different operation processes of virtual organizations, puts forward the structure of the information platform constituted by application service layer, support security layer and communication network layer, and does deep analysis of the composition content of different layers.
Authors: N.A. Lukianova, E.V. Chibir, E.I. Kotik
Abstract: The recent growth of the Russian machinery producing industry requires analyzing organizational architecture of those large scaled and high-tech enterprises. Holding structure, in this case, seems to be the most effective one. Different types of existing holdings allow selecting a suitable organizational structure concerning the needs of organization and effectiveness criteria. Moreover, holding structure gives a range of advantages for subsidiaries including wider possibilities in image providing, CSR initiatives implementation and special events supporting. In the article the authors analyze the types of CSR provided by the leaders of the Russian machinery producing industry, social responsibility of the economy sector and give the recommendations for further development of the segment of socially oriented initiatives.
Authors: Oleg Korolkov, Raul Land, Jana Toompuu, Natalja Sleptsuk, Toomas Rang
Abstract: In the present work, the prototype of a voltage multiplier represented as the diffusion-welded stack is presented. Two options of multiplier prototypes are considered: the scheme with external capacitors and the multiplier of the vertical composition using the diode's own capacitance. Oscillograms of input and output signals for both multiplier composition are presented.
Authors: Oleg Korolkov, Vitalii V. Kozlovski, Alexander A. Lebedev, Raul Land, Natalja Sleptsuk, Jana Toompuu, Toomas Rang
Abstract: We considered the prototype of a SiC Schottky diode Rectifier Bridge made on the basis of commercial SiC Schottky diodes by diffusion welding (DW). Vertical integration for four diode chips in combination with molybdenum electrodes can improve the overall weight and dimensions of the module performance and increase device durability to radiation exposure. Our DW prototype, in contrast to commercial bridges, completely preserved the initial characteristics after irradiation by electrons with an energy of 0.9 MeV and density of 3 x 1016 cm-2
Authors: Jian Zhang, Chen Wang, Li Juan Zhang
Abstract: In the actual course of commercial operations, governance mode is mainly divided into two categories: alliance mode, leading by real estate developer, and integrated mode, leading by commercial operators. The transaction efficiency and cost vary corresponding to the different mode. In this paper, based on the traditional market, hybrid and hierarchical mode framework in transaction cost theory, inframarginal theory and the actual Chinese commercial management, the author discusses the existing conditions of market, hybrid and hierarchical mode, verifies that the complete market mode in the actual operation process does not exist, at the same time, deeply analyses boundary conditions for the existence and basis for decision making of the alliance mode and integration mode.
Authors: Rong Sheng Chen, Min Liu
Abstract: Five reasons for vertical integration investment are reduction in transaction costs, access to economies of scope, and reduction in risks and damage, upgrading of competitive advantage and strategic profits. Some upstream photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises through analyzing their decision-making behavior for vertical integration of PV industry draw a conclusion that if they invest in their lower counterparts, their vertical integration behavior will come to two effects: competition effects and cooperation effect.
Authors: Yan Ping Sun, Ming Yang, De Chen Zhang, Feng Yan, Shuang Yi Zhang
Abstract: In order to adapt to the needs of China's "Excellence Project", training the outstanding senior engineering talents to adapt to the era of development, we propose a new dynamic mode of course vertical integration. Using the method of organically connecting fundamental course and specialized course, the students' interests in learning will be improved. It will lay a solid foundation for students’ future work. Exploratory reform and practice on curriculum system, teaching contents, teaching method, teaching means, etc., we obtained effective methods and means. It will lay a solid foundation for the future teaching work.
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