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Authors: Hiroshi Okada, S. Endoh, Masanori Kikuchi
Abstract: In this paper, a simple but highly accurate analytical method to evaluate stress intensity factors based on an element overlay technique is presented. When a crack exists in a structure, we need to analyze its global deformation as well as local deformation field around the tip of the crack. This naturally leads us to a consideration on some kind of multi-scale analysis strategies. Thus, we adopt the element overlay technique (S-FEM) which is a kind of multi-scale methodologies. In this paper, we present i) numerical implementation of element overlay technique (S-FEM), ii) method to calculate stress intensity factors (virtual crack closure-integral method, VCCM), iii)accuracies of evaluated stress intensity factors and iv) some discussions.
Authors: Hiroshi Okada, Hiroshi Kawai, Kousuke Araki, Tsubasa Miyazaki
Abstract: This paper describes the development of a software to perform three-dimensional crack propagation analyses. The software is based on the conventional finite element method with second order tetrahedral element and an automatic mesh generation software. Hexahedral finite elements have historically been used in fracture analyses and methodologies to compute the crack parameters have been developed for the hexahedral elements. In present research, the authors have developed a VCCM (virtual crack closure-integral method) for the second order tetrahedral finite element. Use of the tetrahedral element allows us to utilize an automatic mesh generation software. The direction and rate of crack propagation are predicted based on the stress intensity factors and the shape of crack is updated. Hence, a software package containing the modules for mesh generation, for finite element analysis, for stress intensity factor evaluation, for predicting the rate and the direction of crack propagation and for updating crack configuration, can be developed.
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