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Authors: Ya Luo Yang, Run Xiao Wang, Xiang Chen Ku, Wei Huang
Abstract: In this paper, a new pattern of software design was put forward by the research of traditional design pattern, which is based on configuration conception to design software. The application of configuration conception in some software system was discussed in detail.
Authors: Li Yan, J. Liu, Wei Jie Qiao
Abstract: The balance of brake dish is very important for a car driving. Taking one kind of auto-equilibrium-machine of brake dish as research object, and making use of the Virtual–kind-machine technique and the ADAMS software as analysis tools, as well as with the Solid Works to set up a model, for a whole, the kinematics and dynamics of the product are analyzed in various virtual environment, the research of dynamics simulation of machine system is carried out, and various design projects are analyzed Quickly, the experiment is done, which is quite difficult to be realized by physical kind machine, after all these, an optimal design project of the system is decided. The virtual kind machine technique is applied through whole design process, thus the design of the product development becomes convenient, the development period is shortened, and the product costs are reduced so that optimal-new product can be acquired.
Authors: Pu Gao, Xiao Heng Wang
Abstract: The mathematical model of the twist drill flute is discussed in the paper. The cutting tool path to machine the twist drill flute is obtained under the certain parameters in UG. And the NC machining of the twist drill flute is simulated too. After post-processing, the NC code is obtained and it is verified by virtual manufacture.
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