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Authors: Dong Gao, Ying Xue Yao, Wing Bun Lee, Chi Fai Cheung
Abstract: Virtual manufacturing (VM) is an emerging technology that provides a digital tool for the optimization of the production efficiency through simulations prior to the start of actual production. A NC program translator is one of the crucial components for virtual machining which allows the simulation and verification of NC tool path before actual machining. In this paper, a framework of a NC program translator for diamond turning of precision optics is presented.
Authors: Song Liu
Abstract: The partners in a virtual manufacturing organization readily incline to reduce their efforts for worrying about loses resulted from uncertainties, which might result in various conflicts among partners. It is imperative for a virtual manufacturing organization to design an effective conflict management mechanism in order to maintain the stability of cooperation relationship. Based on the analysis of the complex interaction of integrated workflow in virtual manufacturing, an extensive conflict management mechanism (ECMM) was proposed for dynamically coordinating the partners. This ECMM transforms various conflicts into the basic one between cost and expected profit of each partner, which significantly simplifies the conflicts management process in practice. In order to support the ECMM, a distributed information system with an integrated database was designed for the regionally distributed partners. The solution logic of the system expresses the logical connection of several main functions, such as the dynamic cost planning/audit, partner’s attributes, conflict analysis and solution, and profits sharing management. It is the toughest challenge in development of the information system to embed some artificial techniques into the solution logic.
Authors: Qi Wang, Qing Ming Wang, Xiao Feng Zhang
Abstract: In this study, a system composed of real electrical communication system and virtual machine part has been used on NC machining simulation. By establishing a interface based on socket protocol, communication is established between real CNC systems and virtual machine tools. So, processing information of CNC system can be accurately passed to the virtual machine tools. Virtual machine is driven to work in accordance with the instructions of the CNC system. Experiments show that the system is steady and process is repeatable. With structure diagram of communication based on socket protocol shown, the system can be used to detect the manufacturability of the product design process or debug the electrical equipments more efficiently at low cost. It’s also helpful in testing the reliability of NC code in virtual machining.
Authors: Xiao Li Wen
Abstract: Virtual manufacturing has great influnce on the corporation management owing to the rapid development of information and communication technology and fast changing of organization form.This paper introduced the principle of virtual manufacturing, discussed the basic features of virtual manufacturing technology and evolution of virtual enterprise. The article also expounded the impact of virtual manufacturing on corporation management from several important aspects. Lastly, some prospective and suggestiones were given.
Authors: Qing Feng Gao, Guo Wei Yu, Yu Wang Song
Abstract: The tool trace of turning is intensive and complex, and its virtual manufacturing with high confidence level needs to be solved urgently. In response to this pressing need, based on the general mathematical model of master-slave alignment for shaft part profiles, efficient and low-redundancy "dynamic grid" for data structure and "tool driving" exact algorithm for cutting path, the paper built a database that was flexible to adapt the data structure, packaged an Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) to form the automatic three-dimensional engine, and developed a three-dimensional virtual manufacturing system with high confidence level for turning, with numerical control code analysis, error correction, tool path simulation of turning process, parts management, all-round display, virtual manufacturing process control and other functions.
Authors: Guo Ru Xie, Wei An Xie
Abstract: The main indicators of manufacturing companies competitiveness are time, quality, cost and related services, which make the manufacturing transform into new mode quickly. Manufacturing companies need flexibility and agility, so virtual manufacturing technology appeared. Virtual manufacturing is based on information technology, simulation technology and virtual reality technology. It can obtain many kinds of information by the aid of virtual environment. Before the design and manufacture of the product or system, virtual manufacturing can help people experience the performance and assembly relations of future product. Thus it can help people make decision and optimization scheme predictably.
Authors: Qing Feng Gao, Li Long Shang, Li Xuan Zhang
Abstract: With the development of information technology, such as CAD, CAPP and CAM, assembly process, which accounts for large amount of time and cost of manufacturing, to be included in virtual manufacturing system is urgently required. According to the principle that the sequence and path in assembly and disassembly process are reversible, the assembly path can be obtained on the basis of assembly constraints analysis and information model building through optimized and reversed. The method of assembly path planning presented in this paper can effectively reduce computational complexity and improve planning efficiency, whose correctness and efficiency is proven by an application example.
Authors: Xian Zhao Jia, Hong Biao Han, Yong Gang Liu, Wei Min Pan
Abstract: The virtual design platform for large mine elevators was established by using the informationization unit technology of manufacturing industry in this paper. On the basis of the virtual design and manufacture platform, 3D digital design, computer-aided analysis and computer-aided process planning under the support of network system were carried out. The informationization standard system for the design and manufacturing of the mine elevator equipments was established. The information classification code of the whole procedure of product design and manufacturing was normalized and unified. A type of multirope friction mine elevator, numbered as JKM-4.5×6, has been developed and put into practice. By means of the virtual design and manufacturing technology, the product design quality could be enhanced. Meanwhile, the manufacturing procedures of prototypes were simplified and cancelled, so that reducing the cycle and cost of the product development. This study results may be helpful for the development of large-sized equipments.
Authors: Xue Hui Wang, Ming Jun Feng, Shi Cheng Liu
Abstract: For taking advantage of high speed machining(HSM) in complex curved surfaces as impeller, the virtual manufacturing technology is adopted before the real machining, which can eliminate tool collision interference phenomenon of the trial cutting, avoid complicated process of trial test , forecast machining results efficiently. The simulation tests were proceeded to the each impeller procedure NC program by using the VERICUT virtual manufacturing soft to modeling five-axis machine tool HSM600U, and the result compared with the real machining is identical with one other. So it is tested that applying this technology can forecast the machining process truly.
Authors: Xiu Lin Sui, Qing Wang, Ru Yang, Qian Wang
Abstract: In order to realize high efficiency and high integration of the virtual manufacturing system and strengthen the integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM, the paper presents the architecture of virtual manufacturing oriented CAPP system and its realizing method. The method of parts information input is used for the system to connect with CAD directly. The system utilizes object-oriented knowledge representation method and database technology, establishes process knowledge database and carries on the effective management. Using the idea of modular, the virtual processing information can be fed back to design system in real-time, the process can be optimized it and form a closed loop CAPP system by using genetic algorithm. The virtual manufacturing technology of CAPP system enhances the design level and quality and improves the flexibility, scalability and dynamic adaptability of CAPP system.
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