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Authors: Jian Ming Wang
Abstract: The author studied and designed a simple, scientific and controllable comprehensive pace-moving testing method according to the exertion of skills in games done by volleyball players. The author chose and decided the test item system he used, established dynamic state digital simulation model, set up criteria for evaluation of player training, and made analysis and decisions about forward looking training goals for coaches of volleyball teams. Then the author carried into execution special pace-moving modular training, found data for scientifically adjusting and controlling the training course of quick speed pace move of volleyball players.
Authors: Bin Liu
Abstract: Sports biomechanics is able to identify the variables that aim to define some or all aspects of a performance and then provide useful information for teachers or coaches to improve players' performance. The purpose of the study was to identify the crucial variables that contribute to a successful volleyball spike jump performance by using biomechanical analysis, in order to help teachers improve the jump performance of their students, these investigations allow teachers to observe student performance more systematically and also help them provide the right information at the right time and in an easily understood format.
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