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Authors: Sung Hoon Choa
Abstract: In this paper, mechanical reliability issues of copper through-wafer interconnection are investigated numerically and experimentally. Several factors which could induce via hole cracking failure are investigated such as thermal expansion mismatch, via etch profile, copper diffusion phenomenon, and cleaning process. Improvement methods are also suggested.
Authors: Qian Wang, Sung Hoon Choa, Woon Bae Kim, Jun Sik Hwang, Suk Jin Ham, Chang Youl Moon
Abstract: In this paper, a low temperature hermetic wafer level packaging scheme for the RFMEMS devices is presented. For hermetic sealing, Au-Sn multilayer metallization with a square loop of 70 %m in width is performed. The size of the MEMS package is 1mm × 1mm × 700 %m. The shear strength and hermeticity of the package satisfy the requirements of MIL-STD-883F. The total insertion loss for the packaging is 0.075 dB at 2 GHz.
Authors: Jing Wu, Shi Xing Jia, Yun Xiang Wang, Jian Zhu
Abstract: The study is performed to implement the Gold-Gold thermocompression bonding for the wafer-level packaging of MEMS chips. Numerous experimental attempts have been carried out to select the metal film adhesive to avoid the Au-Si melt together and optimize bonding processes to intensify the Au-Au eutectic bonding. Finally the results display that the eutectic bonding of the gold-gold are arrived as electrical as well as mechanical interconnection of the MEMS structure and as seal as well as bonding intension.
Authors: Gil Soo Park, Ji Hyuk Yu, Sang Won Seo, Woo Beom Choi, Kyeong Kap Paek, Man Young Sung, Heung Woo Park, Sang Kyeong Yun, Byeong Kwon Ju
Abstract: Thermocompression bonding of electroplated gold is a promising technique for achieving low temperature, wafer level hermetic bonding without the application of an electric field or high temperature. Silicon wafers were completely bonded at 320 at a pressure of 2.5. The interconnection between the packaged devices and external terminal did not need metal filling and was made by gold films deposited on the sidewall of the via-hole. In the hermeticity test, packaged wafers had the leak rate of 2.74 ± 0.61 × 10-11 Pa m3/s. In the result of application in packaging of FBAR filter, the insertion loss is increased from -0.75dB to -1.09dB at 1.9.
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