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Authors: Jie Li, Xing Wei Wang, Min Huang
Abstract: Survivability is an important concern in the optical network. In order to offer an effective and efficient protection mechanism that meeting both delay constraint and availability guarantees for real-time services in the optical network, a shared path protection mechanism based on delay constraint is proposed in this paper. Thinking of the processing delay and the propagation delay as main factors which have great effect on the delay of real-time services, the mechanism designs the routing and wavelength assignment schemes for the working path and the protection path. Simulation results show that the proposed mechanism is both feasible and effective.
Authors: Lian Xing Hou, Meng Wei
Abstract: In this paper, a wavelength adaptive assignment scheme called CExF (collision-evaluated adaptive fit) has been proposed for Optical Transport Network in Intelligent Highway to solve the date intensive scheduling. CExF assign a limited and more accurate weight, where the weight denotes the concurrent reservation probability, and the destination can select a wavelength with less collision probability by a new adaptive wavelength assignment according to the weight. Simulations show that CExF performs better in backward blocking, and even in forward blocking under medium traffic loads.
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