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Authors: P.K. Mehrotra
Authors: Valdênia de Sousa Porto, Maria do Socorro L. Cavalcanti, Tatiana Borba Cruz, Crislene R. da Silva Morais, Lisiane N. de Lima Santana
Abstract: In the production of white ceramic, the feldspar is used as flux that provides the manufacturing of products more dense and with low porosity. Although this is a raw material of great importance for white ceramic, the feldspar is a natural resource, therefore, non-renewable and your uncontrolled extraction can cause environmental problems. In this perspective, several scientific research is being carried out looking for alternatives to replace this product by other substances. The use of waste glass in partial replacement of feldspar in the production of ceramic body is extensively researched, because these materials present flux properties and reduces environmental impacts. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to verify the possibility of partial replacement of feldspar by waste flat glass in the formulation of the masses for white porcelain. For the research, feldspar and waste glass were characterized by the following techniques: chemical analysis, DTA, TG and infrared for possible comparison of the properties of these materials. The results demonstrated the possibility of utilization of waste flat glass in the formulation of ceramic bodies, since they have similar characteristics.
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