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Authors: Qiang Shi, Jing Hui Jiang
Abstract: This study describes experiments of testing the color stability of heat-treated okan sapwood samples. Heat-treatment was done at 160°C,180°C,200°C,220°C during 4 hours, under steam. series of experiments were carried out to investigate the color stability of heat-treated okan sapwood compared to untreated wood during 100 hours xenon light irradiation. Color measurements during accelerated weathering were made at intervals throughout the test period. The results are presented in △E* and L* a* b*coordinates according to the CIE(1976)L*a*b* parameters color system. Better photo-stability in terms of color changes was recorded for heat-treated wood compared to the untreated one. The properties of heat treated wood are involved in the heat-treated wood resistanceagainst xenon light under experimental conditions.
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