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Authors: Bin Xu, Li Hua Xu, Ke Cheng, Yun Yao
Abstract: Green compact containing Yellow River sand and several additives was prepared by slip casting and the as-made compact was used to synthesize SiAlON multiphase ceramics by carbothermal reduction nitridation. The processing parameters of slip casting including the type and concentration of dispersant, solid loading, ball milling time, pH value and particle size distribution were optimized by orthogonal experiments. The results indicated that the raw materials could disperse uniformly in the suspension under the use of the mixed dispersant of skip liquid (SL, PT) and sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). The green body with high bulk density of 1.86 g·cm-3 was obtained. After sintered in flowing N2, the compact could transform to SiAlON multiphase ceramics.
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