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Authors: G.R. Canova, Yves Bréchet, L.B. Kubin, Benoit Devincre, Vassilis Pontikis, M. Condat
Authors: Dierk Raabe, Kurt Helming, Franz Roters, Zisu Zhao, Jürgen Hirsch
Authors: Shui Lin Wang, Yu Yong Jiao, Haibin Xiao, Chun Guang Li
Abstract: There are several different yield surfaces of Drucker-Prager yield criterion which corresponds to Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion in principal stress space. The different yield surfaces are determined by parameters in Drucker-Prager criterion. The influence of the different parameters on computational results is discussed in the paper, and the use of the equivalent Drucker-Prager criterion to Mohr-Coulomb criterion is suggested when elastoplastic analysis is performed in engineering problems.
Authors: Paul R. Dawson, Donald E. Boyce
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