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Authors: C. Trager-Cowan, A.M. Paterson, R.W. Martin, K.P. O'Donnell, J.T. Mullins, G. Horsburgh, K.A. Prior, B.C. Cavenett
Authors: R. Heitz, B. Lummer, V. Kutzer, D. Wiesmann, Andreas Hoffmann, I. Broser, E. Kurtz, S. Einfeldt, J. Nürnberg, B. Jobst, D. Hommel, G. Landwehr
Authors: J. Hermans, V. Offermann, J. Woitok, J. Geurts, H. Stanzl, W. Gebhardt
Authors: A. Wulfes, J. Gutowski, E. Kurtz, D. Hommel, M. Scholl, M. Heuken
Authors: Liang Yan Chen, Chao Fang, Xi Qu Chen
Abstract: With ammonia and hydrazine hydrate as complexing agents, ZnSe has been deposited as the buffer-window layer of solar cells from chemical solution, in which the complexion played vital role in controlling the film growth. We calculated various complexion in chemical solution deposited ZnSe precursor with solubility theory. And the main complexion and their concentration with adding of complexing agents and pH value have been investigated. And we found that the main complexion are Zn (NH3)32+ and Zn (NH3)42+, the concentration of which varied with the adding of ammonia and pH value.
Authors: T. Mita, N. Yamamoto, T. Mitsui, S. Heun, A. Franciosi, J.M. Bonard
Authors: A. Abbate, P. Rencibia, O. Ivanov, G. Masini, F. Palma, P. Das
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